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Hout9 is a Dubai based thriving furniture brand which is known for its well furnished couches, book shelves, trolleys and cabinets. It is an absolute zone of classic furniture with attractive and stylish home accessories. They are growing furniture chain that showcases a range of furniture styles that are unique and noteworthy. Client`s traditional operations were going on remarkably well and was the leading suppliers in B2B trade with the assurance of competitive pricing and incomparable customer service. Client`s products were professionally manufactured in UAE, and a short supply chain ensures high quality and speedy delivery across the country. They needed a partner to help them to move their business forward digitally. Magneto provides the consultation to the client and made them realize the potential of B2C trading. Client was mainly trading in B2B landscape and had no understanding of B2C market. Magneto helped them to develop a new eCommerce store for B2C and led them to find a new technology partner who can advise at various stages throughout the digital transformation process. Magneto have came through with their thorough understanding of business requirements and strategies and created a blueprint of anticipated business process flow.

Problems for typical furniture store

  • Client wanted a visuals-rich, modern site that would actually bring in new customers and drive eCommerce with better presentations of products.
  • B2C furniture eCommerce industry was very competitive, giving a dynamic interactive storefront was not enough to win battle.
  • Filling the needs of the customer by providing the power of customization to them was the biggest hurdles with a lot of choices and options.
  • There were a lot of competitors that have occupied the UAE furniture market, which make it very hard for the new brand to generate reputation.
  • Based on our analysis we found, the majority of the users were making the purchase on their mobile phones. The alienating a sizeable chunk of users attempting to access the site via other mobile devices. Developing the mobile responsive in such a way that it can be rendered smoothly in any resolution device was a big challenge.
  • Client had their own custom ERP System to manage the inventory of their business. They wanted the store data to reflect on their inventory. That was the complicated task as ERP was totally custom and their API’s were not available.


Client wanted to get an inventive website for eCommerce business with stylish furniture and interactive accessories for home. Magneto has created a newly upgraded furniture website which is streamlined for efficient handling of incoming traffic and multiple customers at a time. The above mentioned challenges should be easily handled with the most matured way.


  • With a recognized commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the Arab furniture industry, Hout9 has gone on to lead the Arabians industrial revolution sweeping the design world.
  • Magneto migrated their entire data such as sales, customer and stock records to Microsoft Dynamics and integrated it with the store. The speed and accuracy of the operation is resulted to increase much better than their previous software.
  • Based on the analysis of users device, considering the entire Google standard and speed factor Magneto delivered a responsive alluring mobile experience that can smoothly fit in device despite any resolution.
  • Throughout the project, Magneto carefully monitored the process to ensure design integrity and quality.
  • With the best in site navigation, design templates, and on-site security, Magento was an obvious choice when it came to expanding their B2C e-commerce website.
  • Giving the power to the customer to customize and select their dream furniture that was goal and Magneto with customer-centric UX/UI made it possible.

Facts and Figures

Looking forward as a initiator of e-commerce, Hout9 finds it easier to focus on interaction with the customers to ensure them the best services via the online portal. Their aesthetic designs are top rated in the market with a stylish and contemporary architecture of furniture and is also featured as one of the best Furniture Ecommerce store in UAE market.

Take Away

This case study interprets the passion to establish their new furniture B2C business which deals with all possible scenarios that sustains Hout9 a spectacular growth. Magneto provided a dynamic solution that can flexibly cope up in the furniture industry and looking forward to expand their business throughout the UAE peninsula.

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