Jordana - Cosmetic Company Business Case Study


Jordana Cosmetics is a cosmetic company. It is a manufacturer as well as wholesaler of organic makeup products, right from a little lipstick to the body cream, the company transformed itself from being a small family at home company to one of the leading brands in cosmetics now. This case study portrays the contribution of magneto development services in delivering reliable solutions to the client.

jordana ui/ux


There are a lot of things that can make the customer want to switch from you to someone else, some of which are listed below..

  • Design of the store was quite outdated comparing to current trend in E-commerce industry & user interface was bit complex and not much interactive.
  • In checkout page, pricing structure wasn’t clear, precise and not displayed in viewable sense.
  • On site trust and credibility was missing from the website. Store had no trust building factor.
  • Store was not Optimize for mobile devices, mobile visitor could have difficulty in viewing the page.
  • One of most influential concept was missing i.e Subscription field through which generation of potential leads could be possible.


Enhancing the website into something a little more attractive and worth visiting would help get customers a lot.


  • Added Mailchimp system on the backend infrastructure for handling promotion activities of the web store.
  • Transformed checkout experience to be unified with single checkout flow to purchase products.
  • Integrated accurate order tracking system store which can provide the customer real time update about the order status.
  • Employed a flyout to unveil summary of products just added to shopping cart.
  • Enhanced the checkout process by smoothing all customers data filling with simple drop down option to modify their orders.
    • Facts

      The company has experienced very great increase in market spread and also the company had recently signed contract with the various TV series like SUITS, Shadow Hunters , Blacklist and also for the movies such as Gaurdians of the Galaxym for providing cosmetic products for makeup.


  • Take Away

    This case study presented gives us idea that how a standalone eCommerce website portal helps a company to spread its offerings and increase its market share ,it also states that how a company can increase its business value and expand its business all over the world. To have eCommerce website is very necessary for company like Jordana cosmetic and which helped them a lot to get such popularity which it is enjoying now.

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