Magento IT Solution Kawader

Common Issues Faced while buying catering equipment offline

    • Our client’s customers were not able to see their entire catalog of products to choose what was best for them.
    • Manual inventory management was tedious and it was difficult to keep a track of all the orders that came in.
    • The client was not able to overcome geographical barriers and promote their services in other places.
    • Handling queries on phone and updating the customers about the status of their orders was difficult.
    • Managing payments and customer queries was a hassle, especially in cases of payments that didn’t go through.
Magento IT Solution Kawader


After conducting the research around the best eCommerce store formats and the client’s needs, we were able to narrow down the functionalities that should be included in the eCommerce store for the client. This case study about cafe equipment eCommerce website development shows that we delivered an eCommerce solution with a great UI that provided the client’s customers a seamless buying experience.


    • Through the eCommerce store, the customers of the client were able to browse through their entire collection and choose what was best for them.
    • Inventory management was comparatively easier as compared to doing it manually because the orders were tracked in almost real-time
    • An integrated payment module supporting multiple payment options made purchasing convenient for the customers.
    • Customers were able to share their queries instantly through the live chat that provided for a trustworthy experience.
    • The portal provided basic product information like product description, images, price, and other customer’s reviews that facilitated the buying process.
    • The store included a special feature to track orders and keep selected items in a wishlist so that they can buy whenever they are ready.
Magento IT Solution Kawader

Facts and Figures

Following are the Facts and Figures for this case study in retail ecommerce store development:

After the launch of their eCommerce store, Kawader saw a great increase in their client base. The quality that Kawader provided could be made visible to a lot more customers using their web store. With increased trust, easier and flexible buying options customers are increasingly purchasing from Kawader.

Magento IT Solution Kawader

Take Away

This case study about eCommerce website development exhibits the expertise of Magneto in delivering reliable and convenient eCommerce solutions. All of the client’s needs were fulfilled by a single solution, the eCommerce store that helped them scale their operations and deliver customer delight.