With the help of eCommerce transformation, a channel for sustainable growth, automated processes, and multiple revenue channels will improve company presence and growth over time.


The ask

Established in 1968, Khalaifat company is one of Bahrain’s most prestigious retailers and wholesale distributors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They serve customers in Electronics, Household items, Furniture, Homeware sectors and provide customised kitchen solutions.

They have 5 outlets in various cities across Bahrain. Over time, they have developed a strong client base in the market across the Gulf countries.

Khalaifat operated only through the stores they had across Bahrain. Their objective was to increase their revenue and explore what more channels they could have for the same thing.

Common issues faced

  • Khalaifat were serving customers only through their brick-and-mortar store. Customers are accustomed to placing orders over the phone if they are unable to visit the store.
  • To serve such orders, employees had to visit the warehouse and manage the transaction manually.
  • Serving multiple such orders had become difficult. Order processing was complicated since it was difficult to monitor which items were placed, shipped, and delivered.
  • Khalaifat wanted to evaluate another channel for revenue generation.
  • They wanted to scale up the business without investing more in resources and physical store fronts.
  • Handling client inquiries and updating them on the status of their orders was time-consuming.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



  • We suggested Khalaifat e-commerce stores, which would keep the business running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We transformed the existing business digitally and extended it into the e-commerce space.
  • All the manual tasks, like routine logistics, payments, managing inventory, etc., were automated and integrated with the e-commerce environment.
  • Provided them with an omnichannel solution to have greater synergy across the business.

Facts & figures

The seamless UI of the online store, along with the option to search and the simplified payment methods, make the customer’s experience better.


Responsive layouts

Well developed and tested layout for all devices including mobile phones and tablets, for responsive designs to give a consistent experience to users.


Take Away

The digital transformation made Khalaifat have more than one, i.e., an in-store and an online mode of business. More revenue channels, improved customer reach, automated Product Delivery Solutions, improved efficiency, market expansion.

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