Re-platforming multi-vendor marketplace with Magento’s expertise


Key Objective

Louped collaborated with us for re-platforming multi-vendor marketplace, streamlining business processes, data migration, preserve their SEO rankings to ensure website traffic. The goal was to enhance the online store’s visual appeal, increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, drive more traffic, and streamline business operations.

Key Challenge

Data Migration

The main problem with data migration was the lack of custom PHP code and tools to manage custom changes. This made it difficult to transfer the data smoothly, delaying migration. It also led to errors and inconsistencies in the data migration. Manual identification and entry of more than 400 GB of image data further complicated the process.

Lack of Advanced Integration

The process of combining different systems encountered challenges. One issue was the lack of an effective method for handling orders. Another issue was moving 25% of the data manually without appropriate instructions, leading to productivity issues.

Decline in Consumer Trust

The company changed its website name from “I do Now I don’t” to “Louped.” This caused a decrease in website visitors due to the loss of customers’ trust. This change also posed a risk of losing customers who were hesitant to trust the new domain.

Poor User Experience

Managing a multi-vendor process proved challenging for both parties. There were issues with uploading products, navigating the system, and hiding or clicking links. These problems had a negative impact on the user experience and made it difficult to manage a store with multiple vendors.

Lack of UI/UX Upgrades

Louped faced UI/UX upgrade issues and lacked the feel of an online shopping store. It also lacked effective communication to ensure a better eCommerce experience. Resulting in lower customer retention and engagement.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



Integration of Salesforce and Magento

We have successfully addressed Louped’s challenges by developing a customized Magento solution that integrates Salesforce. It made orders and website data transfer easier, simplified image sorting, and integrated smoothly with external systems for efficient order processing.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We have significantly changed the Louped e-store to increase customer trust and sales. Our strategies include gathering seller input, seeking customer feedback, and regularly conducting User Acceptance Testing. Following a domain change, we have also implemented personalized emails, popup guidance, customized notifications, and credibility-building measures. As a result of these efforts, we have observed increased engagement, satisfaction, and an improved sales ratio, providing a better user experience.

Modernized UI/UX

We assisted them in updating the UI/UX, which improved their eCommerce platform’s overall user experience and visual appeal. As a result, the platform now boasts an enhanced visually appealing appearance that drives better user engagement.

Simplified Data Migration

With the help of Magento’s robust capabilities, we have successfully simplified data migration for Louped. This integration allowed for seamless data transformation, including orders, website information, and image mapping.

Improved Website Experience

We worked on improving the product listings and website experience by using feedback from sellers and customers to assist Louped in addressing their multi-vendor store issues to create a better customer journey.


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