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Lovebling, a name that resonates quality tailor made luxury jewelry across United States of America. A well known jewelry store that is widely offering the finest quality jewelry with impressive price and unique value. It offers a strong and wide assortment, which required a multi-layered product information and extensive success factor for their store. Client was keen to showcase their exquisite pieces online and subset of products directly from the website. Client was having store and from where they are finding the difficulties in reaching to customers and facing high cart abandonment rates and thus looking for a new website from they can sell efficiently. Client wanted to modernize their website by complete facelift of web layout with enhanced imagery solution to grow their business with the new heights. To convey this mixture of technology, emotion and passion for jewelry, Lovebling needs more than a standard e-commerce store. Client didn`t just care about their content strategy but was aiming to ensure that their customers make purchase quickly. Magneto helped client to grow their jewelry business to unleash potential in the website to generate more money. Magneto IT Solutions came up with the solution that delivers designs, functionality and fruitful user experience.

Problems that client faced with their current store.

  • The previous store did not optimize for mobile devices, the mobile visitor was finding the difficulty in viewing the pages.
  • Inventory management was not up to the mark, as result buying and concurrent changes weren’t updated accurately.
  • The design of the store was quite outdated compared to the current trend of jewelry industry & user interface was not much interactive.
  • As per google guidelines, code quality was not optimized. Due to this client’s website was facing heavy downfall in rankings because of poor coding structure.
  • One of the major problems was with their previous website which was lacking User-Friendly UI/UX which ultimately resulted in drop-in visitors.
  • In jewelry eCommerce, Site trust plays an important role in converting customers. On-site trust and credibility were missing from the website. The store had no trust-building factor.


Working with LoveBling, allowed us to bring all the needs under one roof and helping them to focus on generating more value from personalization. Realizing that traditional jewelry webshop UX would not work so we created vivid strategy to built fresh UI interface for the which have resulted the excellent business revenue growth in very short time.


  • The newly revamped UI/UX with full responsive architecture is to-the-mark and very intuitive to use across any platform and device.
  • Magneto improved the overall platform with continuous upgrades & support by using latest version upgrades and security patches.
  • Magneto has created a versatile website for the client with a clean UI/UX and a detailed catalog structure including well-designed & drafted content.
  • Magneto closely worked with their needs with a collaborative team which rapidly encounter complex integration challenges and legal requirements.
  • All orders inventory are received, processed, checked, well packed and dispatched with integrated ERP solutions to eliminate human errors.
  • Stock quantities are synchronized in near real-time to minimize overlap selling.
  • Enhanced the checkout process by smoothing all customers data filling with a simple drop-down option to modify their orders.

Facts and Figures

With decade of experience in the industry, lovebling is successful in building a notable customer base. The client has expanded their business in various marketplace in order to fulfill the request of their customers. In very short period the website has got filled with customer happy review and recommendations.

Take Away

This case study delineates the efforts made by Magneto IT Solution in understanding the client's problems and challenges. By conducting various market and customer research Magneto consulted the client with strategies to by developing quality-rich jewelry store with tailor-made interactive designs and UX. Magneto has recreated their imagination on the website and has assured all the touch points that bring the best out of it.

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