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Luxepolis is an Indian luxury apparel eCommerce store. It has been identified as one of the game-changing brands in the Indian luxury apparel industry. Luxepolis provides its customers the option to select from a wide variety of products exceeding 47,000 in number. They offer products from over 500 Indian and global luxury brands. They source their products from trusted sources from all over the world and make use of their excellent supply chain network to deliver the products to the customer. This case study explores how improving the User Interface of a luxury apparel online store can help bring in more revenue.

Common Issues Faced by the Client

  • The client had a wide variety of products and brands in their portfolio, it was difficult to show their entire collection in a brick-and-mortar store.
  • The old website that the client had was filled with many bugs which caused the store to function inappropriately.
  • Because of the unresponsive website and the outdated UI, the customers faced considerable issues in accessing the store and placing orders.
  • With orders being placed in real-time, it was important to synchronize that data with the central database so that the inventory could be managed in real-time.
  • The website had no option for a live chat, which made conflict resolution time-consuming for the customer and the client as well.


In order to take care of all the problems that the client was facing, thorough research was conducted to understand all the possible solutions that could be implemented. The ROI of all the possible solutions was calculated and then one of the solutions was selected and implemented.

The new fashion eCommerce store had a smooth UI and the website was also made mobile responsive to make it convenient for customers to access the client’s website. New functionalities were added that in turn improved the customer retention rate and their satisfaction as well.


  • The previous eCommerce store was given a facelift and the UI of the online apparel store was improved by understanding the user journeys throughout the website.
  • A smart ERP system was implemented to take care of the inventory management in real-time and show the precise stock on the web-store.
  • After understanding all the customer’s issues, the website was redesigned using new technology and all the previous bugs were removed.
  • To instill a feeling of trust in the website, the option of live chat was implemented where a concierge would help customers in making their purchases.
  • Since most of the customers that access eCommerce stores, do it using a mobile phone, the web store was made mobile responsive to provide convenience to them.
  • With the improved UI, the navigation of the website was improved and filters were implemented for different product categories to enable customers to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • The checkout page was improved for easier data filling so that the whole process became smooth.

Facts and Figures

After the changes were implemented in the eCommerce fashion website, the client saw a considerable increase in their website traffic. Also, because of the updates, the visitors did not drop out and they were able to convert lookers into buyers. They were able to improve their operations and efficiency with the automated systems that were implemented.

Take Away

This case study points to the importance of taking the assistance of an experienced eCommerce development firm to develop your Clothing and Fashion eCommerce website. Having the right firm can make a difference in terms of expanding your business and going ahead of your competitors.

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