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Oak Furniture King

Oak furniture king is a United kingdom based furniture company specializing in offering customers high quality, solid oak, hardwood furniture at unbeatable prices. Our client was doing good business but he felt something missing from their store. He wanted to build a strong web presence and increased conversion rates. Upon understanding the client requirement we prepared agile method plan of milestones and eventually we succeed. This case study portrays the contribution of magneto development services in delivering reliable solutions to the client.

Scope of improvement that could enhances the conversion rates.

  • Design of the store was quite outdated comparing to current trend in E-commerce industry & user interface was bit complex and not much interactive.
  • Store was not mobile friendly, customer could have difficulty in viewing the page in their phones.
  • Absence of stock control that auto-hides the product which is not in the stock instead shows the relevant products.
  • Checkout process was too long and unconventional, that may lose a lot of customers right as they are ready to buy.
  • No Adaption of cross-selling factor when customers don’t get the desired product while performing the search.
  • Store was failing to build the trust factor, no review plug-in was integrated.
  • Visits on store and traffic was low as result of most influential concept, blog posting wasn’t practiced.


To overcome this issues, client wanted to re-design the store which can provide more flexibility to the their customers to shop and increase in conversion and sales. We have successfully developed excellent webstore for the client that serves to allay all the problems mentioned above in the most fascinating professionalism.


  • Designed the entire purchase process on a single page checkout which can let the customer buy the product in few clicks.
  • Integrated the rate & review plug-in in-store through which customer can give rating and others can trust.
  • We redesign the store to entertain every specific need of customers with cutting-edge eCommerce feature.
  • Optimized extensive search filter which can ask for keyword and delivers top relevant result according to it.
  • We increased the customers visits and increase traffic by blog posting and build brand image for the store.
  • Integrated accurate order tracking system store which can provide the customer real time update about the order status.
    • Facts & Figures

      The success of Oak furniture king can be seen based on the indication that it is been spreading in the parts of United Kingdom drastically. Plenty of customers have given review positive review about their product and services and given best ratings.

  • Take Away

    This case study determines that how Magneto It solutions improvises ui/ux design and web presence of the store and help the client to generate more revenue and conversion rates. effective appropriateness of an eCommerce store development platform can provide to an entity to simplify and smoothen the involvedness.

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