OAK Furniture King

As a result of the great webstore, the client boosted customer interaction, which resulted in increased conversion and sales.

Oak Furniture King – Casestudy

The ask

Oak furniture king is a United kingdom based furniture company specializing in offering customers high quality, solid oak, hardwood furniture at unbeatable prices. Our client was doing good business, but he felt something was missing from their store. He wanted to build a strong web presence and increase conversion rates. We prepared an agile method plan of milestones upon understanding the client requirement, and eventually, we succeeded. This case study portrays the contribution of Magento development services in delivering reliable solutions to the client.

Common issues faced

  • The store’s design was pretty outdated compared to modern E-commerce industry trends, and the user interface was a little complicated and not very engaging.
  • The store was not mobile-friendly. Customers had difficulty viewing the page on their phones.
  • The absence of stock control automatically conceals goods out of stock and displays only relevant products.
  • The checkout process was too long and unusual, and as a result, many people may have been turned away just as they were about to make a purchase.
  • When buyers don’t find the goods they want when searching, there is no adaptation of the cross-selling element.
  • The store’s trust factor was low, and there was no review plug-in in place.
  • The most central principle of blog posting was not followed; hence store visits and traffic were minimal.
Oak Furniture King – Casestudy


The client desired to revamp the store to give their consumers additional shopping options and enhance conversion and sales to address the concerns. For the customer, Magneto IT Solutions has successfully designed a great webstore that alleviates all of the issues described above with the most exciting expertise.

Facts & figures

The success of Oak Furniture King can be observed in the fact that it has been rapidly growing throughout the United Kingdom. Many clients have offered excellent feedback and high ratings for their products and services.

Oak Furniture King – Casestudy
Oak Furniture King – Casestudy

Responsive layouts

We created a website for Oak Furniture King that was mobile-friendly. We tested the web pages on several mobile devices to guarantee that the web pages run correctly. Furthermore, the navigation and content categories were created to provide clients with a consistent experience.

Oak Furniture King – Casestudy

Take Away

This case study examines how Magneto It Solutions enhances the store’s UI/UX design and web presence, assisting the client in increasing revenue and conversion rates. An eCommerce store building platform that is well-suited to the task may help a company simplify and streamline the process.

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