With the help of Headless architecture website performance increased there was a significant increase in customer engagement rate for Powerlook.


The ask

Powerlook is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce brands in India which offers a unique range of men’s casual wear with a shade of western touch. Powerlook is a family-owned business that started its first retail shop in 2010. They have three retail shops in Andheri, Borivali and Thane in Mumbai.This case study shows how Magneto IT Solutions helped Powerlook to enhance their website performance.

Common issues faced

  • There was no process to manage returned items from customers due to which manual work of the client increased.
  • Backend issues were impacting the customer journey as they were not able to access certain features of the website.
  • Customers were not able to navigate through the website and could not purchase hence the cart abandonment rate increased.
  • Since the server was not configured properly there were some issues with the website which depreciated the customer experience.
  • While auditing the website there were multiple extensions that were not getting used that hampered the website performance.
  • Admin was facing several challenges while processing the orders from the backend.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



In order to resolve the issues faced by client, Magneto IT Solutions conducted our research and analysis to understand the problem. Looking at the scope of work and tasks we deployed an experienced team. Magneto IT Solutions designed a website with headless architecture and used React for frontend development and Magento for backend development.

Facts & Figures

The new upgraded store made by Magneto IT Solutions had a great bug free user experience and customers spent more time on the website. Due to several feature integrations the manual work of the client was decreased to a certain extent.


Responsive layouts

We created a mobile responsive website for Powerlook. We made sure that the web pages work smoothly on all mobile devices. In addition to this, the navigation and content categories were created in such a way that it provides a consistent experience to the customers.


Take Away

Magneto IT Solution helped Powerlook to create a new improved platform for their customers. This case study also depicts how improving website features and functionality can improve the customer shopping experience and also reduce the manual efforts of management.

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