Randy Chat Application

The traditional SMS (Short Message Service) text message is now passé. Chat application brings people and ideas together despite geographical barriers. In short this Chat Application can be used by any person who wants to talk to strangers having the same area of interest without revealing their identity. So this case study emphasises on the involvement of Magneto IT Solutions in building this chat application.
Magento IT Solution Randy Chat Application
Problems regarding mainstream chat applications:
  • Connecting with people is a really easy thing to do, but connecting with the people who have the same area of interest to chat with is a difficult task.
  • Everyone doesn’t like to reveal their identity to people whom they chat with due to privacy.
  • User can see the latest trends like #Brexit and connect with people around looking to chat about the same trending topic.
  • Chats are monitored and are stored without any encryption.
Magento IT Solution Randy Chat Application
To fulfil the requirement of the client, Magneto IT Solutions developed an IOS application. A very clean and simple UI for any novice user to understand and use it easily. User can put a trending topic in the search box or could choose an existing topic. The idea of this Chat Application is for Users to connect with people of similar interest and chat on the topic without disclosing their identity.
Benefits to users by this application:
  • Anonymity can provide users a sense of a safe environment to express themselves. Without any hesitation or fear of being judged or losing someone.
  • Users can easily land on this application by simple login facility. (i.e. Facebook login, Google login)
  • Changing password is securely done from the application itself.
  • User can enter some interesting topic and after a particular match happens they can start conversation with relevant Users in an anonymous environment.
  • The application uses hashtags to display the searched words. This helps users to easily find messages with a specific theme or content.
  • Users can also try to find the topics from the list available.
  • Users can attach photos and video from the gallery and can also use the camera to send pictures in the chat.
  • User’s identity which is randomly provided by the application would be different for each chat.
  • You can easily custom label the topic.
  • User can select the profile image from the already stored images so that anonymity is maintained.
  • Most frequently searched topics are stored as Favourite topics in my account section.
  • Leaving the conversation is easy by only tabbing on the mobile screen.
Magento IT Solution Randy Chat Application
Facts & Figures:

Messaging application now has more global users than social networks. It provides strong opportunities to engage new users in difficult-to-reach demographics. This chat application is available in IOS platform only. It takes 25mb of space for the IOS users to download the application in personal phones. It is fully secured when it comes to encryption and its related functionality. The search for the match happens for the users globally. This application will further be deployed in the android platform also.

Take away:
This case study elaborates how Magneto IT Solutions has delivered the quality project and professional services to the client by developing a chat application that works on anonymity. Which can help millions of people to connect and chat fearlessly by maintaining anonymity.
Magento IT Solution Randy Chat Application

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