Refadoc as a platform provides a large diversified environment for the healthcare where users can seek through the activities related with health and fitness, can write reviews, search for the nearby hospitals, doctors information, calculating and tracking health etc. and can also navigate through the website for various health and fitness related information. This case study evaluates the contribution of Magneto web development services in setting up the application “” a one-stop shop for all the information about the medical world to ensure the well being of people through various services offered.

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Problems regarding online medical services

Several issues to be addressed regarding system

  • Lack of sorting feature for the posts and discussions. Users discussions and other informative posts are randomly arranged irrespective of their categories, thus creates much difficultly for the users to select the posts of their preferences and interests.
  • People are also not aware of the innovations happening in the medical world.
  • Should include and enable location map service in the hospital section that helps to get the information about the destination(hospital) and easier to find via distance, area from source to destination.
  • Lack of separate section for users where they can form a group related to different health conditions, that can help them to interact with other people having same health condition.
  • Simple page layout and web images, the website is plain and simple and lack of flash contents and plugins thus it is not that appealing.


The application “” provides each and every information regarding medical world like emergency services, hospitals and doctors available in the vicinity, ways of healthy living and health conditions and detail information about thousands of diseases and safety measures for them so as to make people’s life healthier and happier.


  • User can select sort out the discussions and posts on the basis of different categories and their preferences. Post and discussions categories such as health problems based, various diseases based, lifestyle-based etc.
  • The new modified system is enabled with flash contents and recommended plugins that can enable and play flash contents on the website, thus making it more attractive and feasible for the users to surf and engaged with the application.
  • There will be new section for the users where users can add themselves to groups specific to some domain of health, where they can interact with people having similar health condition and can share their experience with each other.
  • Remote access to all the current happenings in the medical field.
facts of online medical service
    • Facts & Figures

      The success of is evident from the fact that within a very short span of time, it has already attracted the people in around 18 cities with different doctors and patients and serve information about hospitals across 9 cities. It is a complete solution which caters any healthcare concerns of people paving a pathway towards the healthier future for the people. The website contains health-related information in different domains.

  • Live Example

    It is serving emergency-based services across cities, ambulance service for pregnant women and children up to 1-year-old 24*7 free of cost.

  • Take Away

    The case study presented here tries to summarize the excellent and path-breaking services offered about all the healthcare. The highly customized services delivered by application provide 360-degree protection to the people at their own comfort and helping create a better and healthier future for the people.

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