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Since 1990, Shira has made constant efforts and has been developing innovative skincare treatments for beauty professionals. Along with advanced cosmeceuticals, Shira specializes in products that feature the finest natural and organic ingredients. Their products have become increasingly popular amongst dermatologists and skincare professionals and are sold in thousands of luxurious spas all across the globe. This case study about skincare website development shows how an effective eCommerce store can allay the concerns of a customer and improve the profitability of a skincare company.

Common Issues Faced by the client with their previous website

  • Companies with skincare products have to spend a lot of time prospecting and then pitching potential customers about their products.
  • The client’s previous website was not mobile responsive and because of that, they were missing out on valuable customers.
  • They had a bug-filled website which created a lot of inconveniences and issues for the end customer ultimately leading to lost sales.
  • Providing a full picture of the product range was a challenge for businesses.
  • Managing the inventory was troublesome because of the frequent orders and always updating demand.
  • Showcasing recommendations and expanding reach was another issue that crippled the businesses.
  • Continuous tracking of the order status is not possible manually, especially when you have a business that operates worldwide.


To overcome the challenges, an extensive research was conducted and all the bugs in the website were gotten rid of. A new UI was designed and the website was made mobile responsive.

It was evident that the current website needed to be revamped and their current presence needed to be improved. A new online skincare store was created for the client that would help them address these challenges of unsatisfied customers and mobile responsiveness.


  • The customers of Shira could now browse through their entire collection which is properly categorized.
  • Website visitors can have a detailed view of the description of the product and the other special features it has.
  • The new and improved store provided a smooth and bug-free experience for the end customers.
  • With the new mobile responsive website, the client was able to tap the market more effectively.
  • Inventory management was a breeze with automated systems tracking the order status and inventory in real-time.
  • Locating a nearby spa became easy with the Spa Locator functionality in the website interface.
  • Customers have the ability to sort and filter the entire range of Shira products and choose what is best for them.
  • The website visitors can always keep their items in their carts and purchase when they are ready.
  • A trust-building factor was included in the eCommerce store with customers being able to see reviews of other customers.

Facts and Figures

Shira’s success can be seen in the fact that today, thousands of luxurious spas all across the world use Shira Products. Dermatologists and skin care professionals are also increasingly recommending Shira products to their patients because of their advanced and superior quality.

Take Away

This case study about developing a skin care company eCommerce website highlights the importance of an eCommerce platform that is developed using the right web development technologies. Using Magneto IT Solutions’s expertise in skincare and cosmetic web store, helped in alleviating the challenges faced by the client and achieving their targets.

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