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Skin Tech is skins and decals providers for Mobiles, iPads and Macbooks. The concept of skins is widely popular in India where people try to find creativity with how their mobiles and ipads look. Client wanted to revamp their existing website with a fresh UI interface that could compel the trust among their customers. With their existing website, they notice firing ratio of cart abandonment rates. Magneto set up a multi store environment for Skin tech, to help them to set a new benchmark for a new Ecommerce platform which makes browsing and ordering a pleasant experience. Skins normally protect the mobile from harsh realities of daily wear and tear. Their custom skins are precisely cut which covers the device giving it a brand new look without hindering its functionalities. Skin Tech always designs the gadgets with their own impeccable style with self-healing scratch protection. In the end, Magneto helped client to with custom solution that allows users to witness the best shopping experiences on their mobile phones. Magneto helped them with website with increase revenue and build a site that could sustain growing user base for the coming years.

Problems with their obsolete website

  • Client was in a situation that of choosing the wrong vendor who did not carry it through to deliver what was promised.
  • Their existing website was built without CMS integration, all content changes needed to be performed manually with the site’s HTML code, with the high rate of error and potential for crumbled links.
  • It was mandatory to add functionality to the site, simplify the check-out process, and drive online sales growth.
  • In a changing market rapidly moving into the digital realm, the client actually wanted to make changes to improve performance, security and overall usability of their suite of websites.
  • Their website monitored the lack of a proper, intuitive UI/UX for both the Web and Mobile Devices which directly was resulting in low ROI.
  • With having no idea what-so-ever of how and in which device the user might be used to even visit the website, the client wanted to build a solution which can easily be customized and well-suited for almost every mobile one can think of.
  • The previous site was not achieving their expectations and was increasingly seen as an obstruction to attract traffic that stops converting visitors into customers.


Magneto IT has created their new website from scratch to improve the site performance to seamlessly manage the services and ease of interaction for the customers. Their customers are now enjoying a great user experience with highly responsive design with the best look and feel.


  • Magneto completely remodels the website from top to bottom to reinforce company branding and sale of the store.
  • Client’s current website reflects the forward-thinking nature of the company, providing a fast, pleasant user experience for customers, content authors and administrators.
  • With improved UI/UX for both Web and Mobile devices, the client observed higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Mail Chimp integration enabled the client to create personalized transactional messages like shipping notifications, invoices, and more, which directly resulted in better revenue.
  • Payment Integration with PayPal now allows easy and secure transactions for adequate checkouts to the customers.
  • Magneto helped the client to boost their revenue and build a site that could sustain a growing user base for years to come.
  • With their fresh new website, the client now can ensure future growth without the boundaries of obsolete advancement of technology.

Facts and Figures

SkinTech has been spreading its wings since its creation as a revolutionary ecommerce store with interactive and integrated digital shop for all types of mobile skins products. It carries huge amount of scalability and versatility mainly for the user interface which delivers tailor-made design solutions with perfectly optimized ecommerce store. SkinTech is considered as a dark horse that took the mobile world especially skins to a storm.

Take Away

This case study characterize the scenario how Magneto IT efficiently manage the client`s business by upgrading their old website with improved solution in conjunction with all elaborated specifications. The system which rigorously worked with careful operations for viewers who now have started staying longer on the website.

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