Magento IT Solution Spotless


    • The world is fast moving and with this speed, people don’t have time to go to a local laundry or a dry cleaner shop to hand over the laundry.
    • Mismanagement of orders at local shops leads to delay and customer remains unhappy.
    • Difficult to locate the status of your laundry.
    • Fixed Pricing Model for all the User types.
Magento IT Solution Spotless


It is an optimized user-friendly application. The User can schedule the time for picking-up and dropping-off their order at their convenience. Once the order is confirmed the spotless delivery person will pick up the bags for laundry and deliver the same back to you.

Similarly, the fleet spotless delivery app has also been developed for the delivery personnel. They can see the list of pick-ups and drop-off assigned for the day with details. The Delivery Boy can change the status of the Order. Hence, the updates reach to the customers in the form of push-notifications.

The uniqueness of the Application is the integration of three different business and costing model for the three User types within one Application.

Features and Benefits

    • Quick sign up or sign in.
    • Services classified as On Demand, Student, Business.
    • Student Subscription Model is implemented which eliminates the need to pay every time you order.
    • User can schedule pickup and Drop-off by setting time at your convenience.
    • For On-Demand Services, pricing is based on Zip code. Different zip code has different pricing modules.
    • Once the Order is placed, you can view under active orders and you can also view the past orders.
    • Real time updates are sent to the customer regarding the status of the order through Push-Notification.
    • Customer can track all the active order through the App and Web.
    • Also, the Admin and Delivery Boy can update the status of all the active orders.
    • Customized pricing model for students as per universities and boarding schools.
    • Pricing based on locality and zip code.
    • Discount or Promo Codes to get discounts.
    • Payment Gateway Integrated for making Online Payment.
Magento IT Solution Spotless

Facts and Figures

    • According to Statista the Laundry Care segment includes all detergents purchased by the consumer intended for the care of textiles in the form of powder, tabs or liquids. Laundry Care is the largest segment in the Home and Laundry Care market representing approximately half of the total. Covered are only retail sales to private consumers (B2C), B2B sales are not included. Also not covered are laundry services.
    • Revenue in the Laundry Care segment amounts to US$12,888m in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 0.3% (CAGR 2020-2023).
    • In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States (US$12,888m in 2020).
    • In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$38.94 are generated in 2020.
    • This application was presented in CES – The Global Stage for innovation
Magento IT Solution Spotless

Take Away

Our Premium laundry service replaces the need for using your local launderette or dry cleaner and offers a quick and convenient pick-up service direct from your home. This Case study portrays the contribution of magneto development services in delivering reliable solutions to the client.