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Operating out of the USA, Sunshine Distribution works in the scooter and skate industries. They have been a leader in product development, design and distribution in this industry, since 1989. With a wide variety of offerings, Sunshine Distribution operates in the B2B space, making their products available to a variety of authorized dealers. In this case study, the importance of having an eCommerce store is emphasized on, to improve the reach of the brand.

Common Issues Faced

These are the following hurdles that are commonly faced by brands in the scooter and skate industries,

  • Reaching out to potential customers is particularly difficult because of the low visibility of a brick and mortar store.
  • Time taken to close a B2B deal is particularly longer as compared to a typical B2C deal.
  • Inventory management is a constant issue because of the large orders being placed across different product categories.
  • The entire range of products was difficult to show and the dealer had to know the exact needs of the customer.
  • Cataloging and maintaining the orders according to their current order status was difficult.
  • Maintenance and customer support is almost always an issue in the B2B industry.


After due thought and analysis, it was concluded that an online skate eCommerce store was the best solution that would address the above mentioned challenges. This eCommerce store was designed with a great UI that instilled a trust building factor in the customers.


  • Getting relevant traffic to their web store by having an SEO-optimized website.
  • Managing orders in real-time was convenient with an automated system that took care of tracking the orders placed and their current statuses.
  • Customers can go to the store and look for exactly what they need and place an order, which reduces the time to close a deal.
  • With the option of live chat on the website, the customers can have instant answers to their queries.
  • The entire range of their products is easily navigable on the web stores.
  • Customers can create their accounts and store their items in the cart for when they are ready to make the purchase.
  • A smooth checkout flow to make the final payment and purchase easier.

Facts and Figures

For Sunshine, the scooter & skate eCommerce store development turned out to be a great investment. This can be seen in their increased website traffic and improved sales. They have been able to partner up with more retail stores to sell their merchandise.

Take Away

With a highly customizable eCommerce store development service, the solution implemented in the form of an eCommerce store was appropriately effective. This case showcases the competence of an experienced web development service provider like Magneto in delivering a comprehensive solution to all your problems

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