An app which gives us a break from our regular social media apps, gives us a fresh look and experience with a fusion of Event searching and booking with a touch of social media aspect to it. A perfect app for any User who is always on the go to search for events and activities around. Create your profile and connect with other Users to find the Events they are visiting and their feedback. User can follow each other and make plans, explore others profiles and find out new areas and take feedback from other visitors and plan accordingly. ‘Tkit’ is a platform for End User/Customer and Business owner. Where an end user can explore various events happening around the city and can book ticket for the event via this app. On the other-hand, Business Owner or Event Organizer can create Events and Sell Tickets through the App.
Magento IT Solution Tkit
To overcome challenges that market was facing, client wanted to develop an online application for tutorials which will help their customer developing their business strategy, designing business model, licensing, publishing, and public relations. We have successfully developed a native solution for the client that serves to allay all the problems mentioned above.
Magento IT Solution Tkit
Benefit for the User:
  • User can search for events using search filters to narrow down their search for any city.
  • User doesn’t have the hassle of carrying printed tickets, QR Code are provided as tickets which can be accessed from phone.
  • User can share the QR Code ticket through watsapp with any of their family or friends.
  • User can buy tickets through this ticket booking app in bulk for family and friends and share with them online.
  • Streamlined Online payment that creates a hassle-free booking experience for the Users.
  • User has the advantage of using the same App for social media sharing and live check-in.
Benefit for the Business Owner/Event Organizer:
  • Business owners can quickly launch events of a category with ticket types, prices, locations, etc
  • Great scope for growth for new startups of all kinds that host events.
  • Tickets can be purchased as soon as the event is published for maximum market reach.
  • Since it is easily sharable on the social media, the event gets a free branding and promotion.
  • The app helps business owners to efficiently organize their data and boost their business by retaining existing as well as attracting new customers.
  • Increasing attendee engagement.
  • Saving on costs by eliminating paper and consolidating providers.
  • Meeting the newest demands of your event guests.
  • Gaining deeper insight and measurement into your event analytics.
  • Increasing exposure for sponsors and exhibitors.
Magento IT Solution Tkit
Facts & Figures:
  • Application is connected through facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Instagram which is very user friendly and convenient.
  • It has provided a platform for all the restaurants, sports & lifestyle, training & workshops etc. to explore various options.
  • Admin needs to verify the event before the event gets displayed.
  • The ratings given to this app is exceptionally good and customers are satisfied with services being offered.
  • It is compatible with IPhone, Mac OS.
  • It also shows the updated event name list and the list of past events.

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