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Traffic NYC

Traffic Creative Management is engaged in advertising world since past 20 years. It is creative hub, an industry resource and a multi-armed juggernaut of expert branders, creative matchmakers, gifted talent and artists’ management. Over the years, they thoughtfully curated solutions and offered seasoned guidance to clients in brand marketing and strategy, design, advertizing, licensing, publishing, and public relations. Their clients include international brands, Fortune 500 companies as well as hot, fresh start-ups.

Problems regarding creative management

Issues market was facing & need for Consulting Agency

  • Start-up firms in market didn’t have enough publicity to attract customers.
  • Newly established companies were lagging in expert consultancy which will direct them in right direction for growth of their business.
  • Clients major market segment is not identified, which required advertising more often than others.
  • Location wise or customer segment wise advertised facility is not provided.
  • Established company using marketing strategies didn’t know whether they are using it in correct manner or not.


To overcome challenges that market was facing, client wanted to developed an online advertising agency which will help their customer developing their business strategy, designing business model, licensing, publishing, and public relations.


  • Online website is available to all end user anytime. So, ultimately, website provides the company more benefit as more user can purchase the service provided by “Traffic” online.
  • It has the facility to share the product detail online through Facebook or any other social media. So, it gets more visibility to product via digital marketing.
  • Traffic designers get a clear vision what client wants and they become more focused and able to provide better solution than generalizing solution.
  • Companies subscribed to “Traffic –Creative Management” got expert advice to maximize profit as company has talent pool which includes art directors, copywriters, creative directors, packaging designers, web designers, social media specialists, marketing strategists, boutique creative agencies etc.
  • Gives more functionalities to clients to able to choose their market segment and also cost budgeting.
    • Facts & Figures

      In the past 20 years, they have emblazoned their presence over different parts of the world where they have worked. They are one of the leading advertising agency in New York. Traffic has worked on many projects and areas such as Print/TV Advertising, brand research, and Creative Strategy, brand repositioning, Corporate Identity Design, Brochure Design, and graphics.

  • Live Example

    Davies & Starr, One of the clients of Traffic NYC is primarily to produce Record Sleeves and promotional material for Rock Bands. Over the next decade, the duo produced a great number of sleeves for numerous clients including Elvis Costello, Pete Townshend, The Specials, The Pretenders, Pink Floyd, Elton John and David Bowie.

  • Take Away

    The case study presented here tries to summarize how the magnificent support website platform can offer to a local or international level business. Online visibility, marketing can get your client’s attraction ultimately can help you to increase the profit margin also. Service delivered by Magneto IT, helped the “Traffic-Creative Management” to reach zenith of success.

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