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World Of Stone USA

E-Commerce website Development, Inquiry website development and Digital Marketing solutions provided to World of Stones USA helped the company in achieving good growth in sales within one year.

World Of Stones USA

The ask

Founded by Harsh Kalani in 1999, World Of Stones has grown to be a notable and a celebrated natural paving stone supplier. They are also exporters and suppliers of high quality and best grade Indian natural stone and stone crafts. They offer a wide range of high-quality natural stone products that can be used for walls, internal flooring, outdoor designs, and hard landscaping applications. Despite having a great offline presence, the client was looking to expand into the US market. They wanted to improve their online presence by building an online store through which they could sell directly to their customers. The online stone paving store needed to have a great interface and deliver a great user experience so that they could reach more prospects.

Common issues faced

  • The absence of a strong B2B network and distribution in the US was one of the biggest hindrances for the client.
  • Due to real-time and concurrent orders, inventory management was becoming a hassle for the company.
  • The client was unable to reach the end consumer directly and understand their buying patterns.
  • Because of the website not being mobile optimized, the mobile viewers had trouble accessing the store.
  • Inability to showcase their entire collection to their customers.
  • The client’s customers were not able to find out the price they had to pay according to their usage in sq. ft. and the number of packs that they are going to use.
  • The web store needed to have a great UI in order to build trust with the visitors so that the company could build trust with its customers.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue

World Of Stones USA

The solution

With a vision to take India to every nook and corner of the world, World Of Stones wanted the ability to showcase their offerings to the entire world conveniently without having to bear the cost of advertising across a lot of countries.

After creating a digital presence using a natural paving stone website development service, World Of Stone was able to reach a large number of potential customers. Instead of having a single brick and mortar store, their website allows them to create a strong B2B and distribution network. Along with an online store, their website allows customers to find stores near them where they can physically go there and look at the products themselves.

World Of Stones USA


  • Other businesses are enabled to partner with the client easily through the option of Becoming a Dealer or a Contractor given on the website.
  • Potential customers have the option of looking through WOS’s entire product catalog across all their product categories.
  • Using the online stone pavers store, the client was able to sell to the customers directly in the US while reducing dependency on their B2B partners.
  • Customers have the option to compare different products and find out the exact cost based on their state and their usage in sq. ft. or packs.
  • Buyers can keep their products in the wishlist and then proceed to checkout later when they are ready to buy.
  • With the web portal, the client was able to reach the customer directly and hence increasing their B2C reach.
  • Maintaining inventory is also very convenient because of the easy tracking of orders being placed.
  • The website store gives WOS a considerable competitive advantage over other brick and mortar stores through its reach.
  • The website allows customers to visualize how the product will look in their homes using a visualizer tool on their website.

Facts & figures

After the creation of their natural stone eCommerce website, the client saw a growth in their revenue. The visitors that come to World of Stone’s website can easily create their accounts and start purchasing using the simple and elegant user interface.

It also becomes convenient for other businesses to partner with them and expand their B2B network. Their success can be seen in the fact that their annual turnover is 30 million US dollars and they have an export of over 4000 containers per annum to the US.

World Of Stones USA
World Of Stones USA

Responsive layouts

We developed a mobile friendly layout for both the WOS USA websites. We ensured that all pages looked great on all mobile devices. Along with this, the navigation, product placement and content types were designed in such a manner that it ensured a seamless experience for the customer.

World Of Stones USA

Take Away

It also becomes convenient for other businesses to partner with them and expands their B2B network. Their success can be seen in the fact that their annual turnover is 30 million US dollars and they have an export of over 4000 containers per annum to the US.

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