YK Almoayyed - Automobile and Electronics Industry Case Study

YK Almoayyed

An eCommerce store helps YK with Entry into new customer segments along with enhanced experience to the existing customer base, digitally transformed and smooth processing, Third-party vendors commission program.

YK Almoayyed

The ask

YK Almoayyed & Sons, founded in 1940, operates in a variety of industries, including automobiles, heavy equipment, electronics, and home appliances.
Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons is based in Bahrain. They are national distributors of many reputed automobile brands, including Nissan, Ford, Infiniti, Lincoln and Renault. They own a franchise for a few different brands. Major retailers in Bahrain buy products through them.
They are a B2C brand and deal in the retailing, wholesaling of spare parts of cars and electronic devices.
YK have their own showrooms spread across Bahrain. Along with cars, they sell spare parts of cars through these stores. These stores were their only means of doing business.

Common issues faced

  • YK Almoayyed & Sons had no ecommerce presence for their business. They operate only through their physical stores across Bahrain.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions were imposed. This resulted in fewer footfalls in the stores.
  • They were concerned about business, since the pandemic wasn’t allowing customers to visit the stores and that was their only mode of business.
  • As a result of this, the revenue generated from physical stores was extremely low.
  • They wanted another channel for businesses to cope with this situation.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue

YK Almoayyed


We were able to narrow down the functions that should be included in the client’s eCommerce shop after performing research on the finest eCommerce store layouts and the client’s requirements.
Along with YK’s existing B2B business, we gave them functionality to serve the B2C segment as well.
Additionally, they wanted this platform to be a marketplace for the automobile and electronics industry. Along with their own products, they wanted to allow other vendors to sell them in the store. Hence, we implemented the functionality to enable sellers to sell through this website.

Facts & figures

The implementation of the eCommerce store has helped YK onboard B2C customers along with the B2B customer segment. In this way, they gained access to a new channel for business.

YK Almoayyed
YK Almoayyed

Mobile application

YK was given a user-friendly app with trendy features and a visually appealing UI/UX design. Because placing orders through the app is extremely convenient, the app’s interactive experience has made the buying experience seamless.

YK Almoayyed

Take Away

We not only helped them to have an online presence, but enabled them to get commission through a newly implemented marketplace. Their decision to not put all the eggs in a single basket, and opt for digital stores, has helped them through the Covid 19 pandemic.
Magneto IT solutions will also assist them in reaching new customers through our digital marketing services, and they will be able to leverage the eCommerce store for larger amounts.

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