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Earn Trust & Credibility – Turn Your Prospective Customers into Potential Ones

Earn Trust & Credibility - Turn Your Prospective Customers into Potential Ones

Earning the trust of your customers could one of the toughest things in a business, as you are selling to people who don’t know your brand and honestly have no reason at all to trust your company. For instance, amazon.com though started its journey as an online bookstore but now is one of the famous and trusted retailer brands across the globe. Of course, you can buy almost anything on Amazon, including a “BACON shaped themed Adhesive Bandages.”

With more than 304 million active accounts, Amazon has built a greater credibility in the eyes of customers. However, it is not as difficult as you think to earn trust and credibility in this generally skeptical digital world.

Blogs, Webinars, Videos, etc.

An effective way to earn your customer’s’ trust is by eliminating all kinds of sales pitches and using content that adds value to your customers’ life. You can:

— Educate your customers by giving them some interesting facts or surveys that show what your other customers are preferring, etc.

— Avoid using technical jargons in your content marketing as it can result in ambiguity.

— Use keyword research and customer engagement to know who likes what.

Webinar is one powerful way to gain customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Kissmetrics, a customer analytics platform, engages its customers by offering great webinars on their products & services which are blogging, analytics, and marketing.

Customer Testimonials

When a potential customer visits your website, there may be many things running on their mind. One of them is the hesitance to trust you right away. In such scenarios, a testimonial from your previous customer is what your new customers need.

Typically, your testimonial page acts as a platform to show your new potential customers that how your product or service helped others and hence encouraging potential customers to take action.

Codecademy has perfected the testimonials page of their website in a unique way. They have named it as “Codecademy Stories” and included a customer quote along with their names, photographs, and location right on their homepage.

Make it Personal

Personalization goes a long way. Many online leading brands such as Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora, engage customers and generate leads by giving a personal touch to their websites, emails, and in all B2B marketing tools. According to marketing gurus, companies who personalize their customers’ online experience will likely see an increase of 19% in sales.

Now, you might be thinking of using variable tags to include customer’s name in the email. Well, that is indeed a good beginning. There are other ways in which you can personalize content by learning about:

— Your customer’s (Name, where they work, industry, income, etc.)

— Buyer Persona: Behaviors (Product or service interest, previous online buying history, key words used, etc.)

— Geo-location

Thus there are some ways to beat competition and build trust. With transparent and carefully planned content and marketing strategies, that not only shows valuable industry insights but also the need of consumer needs, businesses can take their customer relationship management to a whole new level.

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