Jordana Cosmetics is a cosmetic company. It is a manufacturer as well as wholesaler of organic makeup products, right from a little lipstick to body, face etc. cream.  , the company  transformed itself from being a small family at-home company to one of the leading  brands in cosmetics now.



There are a lot of things that can make the customer want to switch from you to someone else, some of which are listed below..

  • The website looks incomplete. ie; jordana is a beauty and care related we site, instead of just going with the bare minimum display of the products.
  • The website isn’t exciting and it doesn’t catch the user’s eye.
  • There are no easily accessible ‘contact us’ options.
  • There are no visible “reviews” in the website. Which would help a new user in deciding what to trust and what to buy.
  • Unlike its counterparts, jordana doesn’t have much hype on social media, and I think it would be beneficial for the company to start advertising there too.


Enhancing the website into something a little more attractive and worth visiting would help get customers a lot, also, it would be beneficial for the company to start advertising their products.


  • The products are displayed very nicely on and also categorized very well so customer can view the product of his choice very easily.
  • Neat categorization keeps the different sections comfortably separated over a single platform.
  • Also the website is very easy to navigate ,everything appears crystal clear.
  • Easy to shop online with various digital payment methods.
  • Consistent customer support and assistance for any issue.
    • Facts

      The company has experienced very great increase in market spread and also the company had recently signed contract with the various TV series like SUITS, Shadow Hunters , Blacklist and also for the movies such as Gaurdians of the Galaxym for providing cosmetic products for makeup.


  • Take Away

    This case study presented gives us idea that how a standalone eCommerce website portal helps a company to spread its offerings and increase its market share ,it also states that how a company can increase its business value and expand its business all over the world. To have eCommerce website is very necessary for company like Jordana cosmetic and which helped them a lot to get such popularity which it is enjoying now.