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Magento – As a best eCommerce platform for start-ups

Magento best ecommerce platform

The total dollar amount of eCommerce sales that took place within the first quarter of the year — was 80.3 Billion with an increasing slope as per the U.S. Census Bureau’s report. When it comes to purchasing those luxury or necessity items online that you’re marketing, today’s consumer has time management and convenience on their mind. So to be a A-game player, you have to be using the right platform to maximize your sales potential.

Magento one of the biggest eCommerce players is amongst the top most choice for a large number of merchants across the world including some big brands such as Ford and Huawei to sell products online. There is nothing better than Magento to make a successful debut in the today’s competitive e-commerce landscape when your plan is to launch your e-commerce start-up. Providing everything you need to build a superior online store, it helps you keep up your online business with the standard set by giants like eBay and Amazon.

Magento has succeeded in attracting online merchants since its release and today it supports more than 40% e-commerce sites in the world and helping retailers to increase their e-commerce capabilities with advanced extensions. Leaving behind its significant marks with big brands, magento is capable of helping start-ups to build a powerful e-commerce presence.

Why Choose Magento

Below is a listing of its amazing attributes:

Overview of extended features of magento

Powerful Online Presence:

Until it easily found by its target audience, building an e-commerce website doesn’t make any sense. Instant exposure and powerful online presenceis what start-ups seek for to boost up their business and make a maximum outreach in market. Highly SEO and online marketing friendly platform, Magento comes with the most advanced SEO toolkit enabling you to restructure your display URLs as per the SEO norms, set robot.txt, generate content and redirect error web pages, managing layout and content of your e-commerce site etc.

Wide Array of extension for Startup e-commerce stores:

Availability of a broad range of extension for expanding the features of your store is the best benefit you get by choosing Magento for your start-up e-commerce store. It offers many free extensions for integrating some standard features such as instant product search, Facebook login, and banner slider.

CMS Powered Backend:

With a user-friendly CMS that comprise an intuitive dashboard, Magento makes setting and configuration easy for the store owner and manages everything from the catalog, products, payment and other essential aspects quickly.

Cost-effective e-commerce development:

With zero expense on license purchase, Magento is highly user-friendly; hence you no need to acquire any technical expertise to operate your online store. It’s just that you pay for development and integration, not anything else.

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