Chiptuning is an innovative way to increase your vehicles speed and performance, without comprising on its mileage. Chiptuning also improves the mileage of the vehicle. However, despite this technology has grown tremendously over the years, there had not been any notable online platform to bring the benefits of this technology to users all over the world, before RACECHIP.

race chip

Problems faced by RACECHIP

There were several issues faced by the organization to push up the sales. These included:

  • Lack of awareness regarding the chip tuning products that has such a great potential to optimize the vehicle to make it more efficient.
  • The potential customers were spread across the globe, and it was very difficult to attract everyone one of them by setting up physical outlets.
  • Many of the potential customers were ignorant about the scope and benefits of many of the products and services.
  • Many were sceptic about warranty and maintenance policies of the company.
  • In addition haggling for prices is very common in a traditional market, even when the price set is reasonable.


To overcome these issues the client wanted an online portal that helps them to sell different kind of chips and educate their customers about the products offered by them. Magneto has successfully developed an online portal which satisfied the client needs.


  • Online portal gives access to every racing freaks to shop for their desired tuning chip with just two three clicks.
  • Online portal is also helpful in educating the novice racers and other drivers more about the scope of the product. The products are displayed in an attractive manner and the details are precisely mentioned. Installation guidelines are also provided.
  • The e-commerce eliminates any chances of price haggling. But it also provides the customers with seasonal discounts.
race chip
    • Facts and Figures

      The success of Racechip is evident from the fact that this year alone it has added 100000 people to their fan base. Racechip provides performance enhancement services to nearly 60 manufacturers and over 3000 models. Currently they are operating in over 135 countries with more than 2000 dealers.

  • Take Away

    The case study presented here summarizes how a competent web development can help the business to grow and increase the efficiency of its operations. The web platform developed by Magneto was equally good in educating the customers, especially the novice racers, more about the products…