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What factors you should keep in mind when you are planning to select an eCommerce platform


The most difficult decision come across for any customer is while choosing an e-commerce platform. This is not because they have little knowledge about the platforms but the challenging part is to choose from the wide variety of available e-Commerce website development platforms each of them have some unique features that could be useful for your business or maybe not.

Number of people have this query in their mind but this could not be answered until and unless there is no clear understanding of the requirement.

So here we are presenting you some of the factors which you must preferred for the development of your e-Commerce store while choosing it.

preferred factors for the development of your eCommerce store

Important factors to consider when you are about to choose an eCommerce platform

1)  Availability of design option.

2) What products you are willing to sell?

3) Is it Affordable?

4) Availability of required features.

5) Extensible

6) Is it Secure?

Availability of suitable design option

Most of the B2B eCommerce sites offer excellent themes but there are also some restrictions as well. The site restrict to change the design of the store that can also put limitation on you build that website which you want to build for your store. Normally a custom design is always preferred so that it gives the freedom to the user to design the store in his own way but this could be expensive.

Therefore to avoid the waste of money and time to make a store which is worth of and look great then we should go for the below options.

Magento 2 & Shopify has always on the top in this matter and provide best design and templates to start with. They can be easily customizable and provide good user experience.

Big-commerce was in practice to use old versions and themes for developing the store but recently they have changed the way and introduced new themes.

What products you are willing to sell?

Online eCommerce stores are designed which suit to different businesses like selling products online or providing any digital facility. First of all you have to identify the requirement of your business and then look for the features which can help you selling those products. Below are some recommended features

==> Tracking inventory

==> Product options like size and color

==> Shipping and delivery

==> Connectivity to offline stores

We can optimize the search if the online store is enriched with good and relevant features. Google spiders always look for new online stores taking up the market. Your e-Commerce development platform must have this feature where it should allow you to change the content of the store and add more information whenever you want.

Is it Affordable?

Budget is always an important factor for any business and the same case is with eCommerce platform selection. So it is advisable to choose the best platform which have all the features which you actually need for your business, there should not be the case that you bought those features as well which is not relevant to your business. One more thing you must avoid for the charges like transaction fee this will reduce your profitability.

Availability of required features.

Selling online is not an easy job, you have to convince the customer without having a word, so it’s all depends on your presentation and therefore you need to choose the best features available in the market to get succeed. You must make sure that the platform you choose have the have all the functionality to make your business success.


It is advisable to choose that e-Commerce website development platform which have the future scope to add more features because having rapidly changing customer requirement existing features will not be sufficient all the time.

Integration is required like google analytics and e-mail marketing can affect the sales drastically. Magento and Big Commerce have these facility available in their features list. Magento has more helpful application and become rich in marketplace and Big Commerce is also on the same path.


Is it Secure?

This is a very primary concern for both Owner and the user. The data used I transaction or in the rest should be secured from all means.

Magento and Shopify both follow great security policy and control. Both use the security mechanism like SSL. Other platforms like WooCommerce is not that secured it is not because of hosting but this is due to lack of unexperienced person handling it.

I hope you have now a clear understanding about the parameters which you need to think before you finalize for an e-Commerce store.

Are you planning to develop an eCommerce store and looking for eCommerce Consultant?

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