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Windows 10: the best hidden features, advantages and potential functionalities

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Microsoft’s new OS would be Windows 10 after the giant’s decision to skip intermediate version 9 after Windows 8. The next version that is touted as much smarter and productivity driven has some definite dynamism over the previous versions of 7 and 8!

Some of the frontline features and boasting upgrades of Windows 10 are

As enterprise centric OS:

Windows 10 that is the single OS for all the devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops) has been hailed as having potential of delivering much to the businesses in the form of certain sought after features that range from data security to productivity.

The new OS has fluent compatibility with the enterprise’s management systems including the connected ICT infrastructures of the company. With seamless integration with the allied components and software, the new OS produces a robust platform for the enterprise’s team to operate.

Another major enterprise oriented benefit of the Windows 10 is the safety of enterprise data from being doled out of the ICT infrastructure of the company. This has always been a huge concern of the companies of all kinds and none wants to loose or share their confidential information with rivals. This has been ensured through the effective buffers between the corporate and personal (user) data of the company. Thus the crucial and confidential files remain under cover unless specifically made available.

Customization is yet another business centric feature that allows the companies to use the new smart OS as per their requirements and orientations by employing their selected business apps of choice. This also ensures overall efficiency for the enterprise in the form of high throughput at the nodes and interfaces of the company.


Objective on screen productivity
and Multi Tasking

The user can launch multiple desktops that open up as mini windows at the bottom and tell about the apps in use in real time. Moreover, the newly introduced ‘Snap Assist’ user interface allows the user to toggle and share app from different desktops on the screen. This enhances the user competence to utilize apps of business relevance in close consonance.


Continuum feature:

This is a unique feature introduced in Windows 10 that serves to add switching functionality for the user to opt for the input modes of touch or type. Through this feature this new OS has an advantage over the previous Windows 8 thus eliminating confusing touch/type dual orientation. Now user of device can opt for the mode of input and the duality is done away with user’s choice at the touch n type devices.


The active feedback through the Insider Program of Microsoft

Microsoft has come up with its unique ‘Insider Program’ for receiving active feedback from its users and enthusiasts from around the world. The users are invited as ‘Insiders’ to share their views and concerns about the functionality and features of the new OS and ultimately will be provided a platform with Company’s engineers and interface team to help built an ultimate Windows 10. This is certainly unique and a deviation from the previous versions.


The high functionality Start Menu:

A well toned up and up scaled Start Menu is boasted by Windows 10 and this menu serves to deliver improved functionality to the user as compared to the previous versions. A good deal of user customization has been brought in where the user can resize the tiles of the Menu.

Besides, the search/navigation has been made easy including the web searches that can be directly worked from the Start Menu.


Improved command prompt

This is a new addition in Windows 10 and is aimed at providing direct functionality to the techie users. Now there is no need to get to the context menu; instead get it done through Ctrl+V.

Home Tab of the Explorer

The explorer has a Home Tab that has specialized alignments of folders, favorites and recent files (a files’ specialized version of the Windows Vista feature – Recent Places). Now get on to your destination directly and swiftly.


Recycle Bin on your taskbar

You can customize Recycle Bin on to your taskbar and have the functionally customized as per your needs.

Additionally, this being a technical preview for the enterprises, the full OS is also likely to have features like Cortana and ‘Notification Tray’ which could potentially define the superiority of the new OS Microsoft.

The technical preview has got a good and welcoming response from the critics and users and is likely to be launched by the end of 2015.


Here’s What Windows 10 Looks and Feels Like

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