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12 e-Commerce Trends That You Must Know To Dominate In 2018

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Competition is quite tough and it has become quite essential to prepare the best strategy in order to know more about the upcoming E-commerce Trends 2018 tend to bring tremendous change to your strategy. Within a short span of time, e-commerce has already faced a number of changes.

In the coming year, competition is going to quite tough and various things are going to leave us speechless. E-commerce is not going to refrain to traditional ways but something beyond to your expectation. Would not you love to know more about it how it is going to affect your business?

Magento IT Solutions has coined its name the prominent E-commerce Development Company and keep researching about the prominent topic associated with this field. Here, we are going to emphasize it. The thing cannot be ignored that world is changing too fast and preparing strategy is quite essential to rule over the world.

Commerce Trends That You Must Know To Dominate In 2018

1) Artificial Intelligence

2018 is going to dominated by Artificial Intelligence. AI is all across the world and making our life extremely easy. Saying would not wrong that we cannot imagine our life without it. Whether it is about hospital, school, office or home, they are almost installed everywhere and have become a great part of our life.

In retail chains at self-checkout money registers, at airplane terminals security checkouts, in our cell phones, portable workstations, and tablets.

  • AI is going to help a lot to e-commerce in order to create Customer-Centric Search
  • LoweBot, first autonomous robot, is all set to introduce your customers at the door and guide all around the store.
  • Moreover, it makes a strong strategy to retarget the Potential Customers
  • E-commerce 2018 would be able to identify exceptional Target Prospects following AI
  • AI is going to be a strong tool in order to create a bit more Efficient Sales Process
  • To build a strong reputation in the field of e-commerce, AI can play a major role to create a new level of personalization Across Multiple Devices
  • Chatbots is going to make you get connected to your customers in a unique way. No doubt, it will take your experience to the next level.

It would not wonder at all if expect that we have been completely dominating by AI by 2050. The vast majority of our day by day operations will be overseen by computerized reasoning.

It talks about the Web-based business, it is also getting indulged with it. The day by day increasing number of online traders are as of now utilizing AI devices in order to enhance clients’ shopping knowledge, dissect shopping conduct, fragment databases, and even find new leads and so on.

2) Big Data And Analytics

Many companies have already kicked off using Big Data for real-time analysis. RTBDA stands for Real-Time Big Data Analytics helps to lift up the ratio of sales and make possible to churn out the higher profits by examining the issues.

Big Data portrays a crucial role in respect of tracking the entire journey of a customer right from entry to exit and purchases from beginning to end.

It also makes possible categorizing customers into different categories based on basis of what about the purchase patterns and demographic details. What happens following it is that it becomes easy to target them in a better way to churn out the more profit during festive seasons or sale.

big data analysis

Moreover, they are also used to analyze and optimize more about E-commerce Trends 2018. According to the study, big data also plays an important role to predict what is going to be high in demand, how to perform well at personalizing customer experiences, optimizing your pricing in order to increase the ratio of sales.

3) Chatbots

The fact cannot be circumvented at any that AI is at the core of the best Chatbots.

  • It is being used by various established e-commerce companies. Chatbots harness is loaded with the pool of information and feedback in order to take the conversations and facilitate payment processes to the next level.
  • Many Chatbots are quite different. The new one is FedEx’s new Alexa app being liked by many customers. It makes easy to track packages without putting any data.
  • Mitsuku, is next on the list which is also a current winner of the Loebner Prize.
  • RightClick, is also being regarded as an innovative chatbot holds power to create websites

Chatbot is an operated messenger app like Facebook Messenger. Going with this kind of apps helps a lot to send the customer personalized marketing-oriented content. Moreover, they also help you to suggest what they more can purchase to let them make the best decision. Apart from it, this way also considered good to send special deals and coupons to lure the attention of the customers.

4) Omni-Platform And Omni-Device

In 2018, a lot of things are going to change. Though you are available on various platforms, it is not enough. Now, the time has come up wot get integrated all the accounts with each-others by Omni-Platform. How does it help? It does not let your customers get confused.

The best thing is that your potential customers will be able to find your presence on other channels without wasting that way much time. This is exemplified in the cookie-enabled advertisements that have as of late turned out to be prominent.

  • An Omni-Channel B2B E-Commerce Platform makes you able to impart consistently and optimized buying experience all around the sales channels.
  • An Omni-Channel B2B E-Commerce Platform makes you able to impart consistently and optimized buying experience all around the sales channels.
  • It would not be wrong that in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) commerce, it is called a seamless experience between a brands or retailer’s e-commerce experience.
  • According to the Business-to-Business (B2B) commerce, it adds a crucial capability in order to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience. E-commerce enables you to contacts with your direct sales team as well as firm the platform with your channel partners.
  • Omni-Channel also considered the best to optimizing digital experiences in respect of all devices including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone having responsive web design.

On the off chance that a client plays out a Google scan for coming across the information in respect of new bikes, for example, and takes a gander at a couple of procurement choices, they may see promotions for new bicycles flying up on their Facebook channel the following day.

5) Increased Mobile Use

How many of you love heading to computer/laptop to do research while you are having smartphone? The youth is quite smart and believe in having everything at their fingertips. Mobile has changed the whole story.

  • Convenience – It gives the opportunity to anywhere and anytime. It is being also called m-commerce. There is a wide array of new age technologies have entered in M-commerce. For example, the advent of mobile shopping applications has also brought a great change.
  • Growth of 3G and 4G – The 3rd generation and now the 4th generation of the mobile internet have also added a great speed. People are now free to access whatever they want without confronting any issue. It is time-consuming payment and check-out process.
  • Safe payment systems on mobile – No need to have cash, monetary transaction via mobile is quite good now in comparison to earlier. The study also says that mobile can fetch 50% or more than of the online sale.

They are going to play even a bigger role in lifting up the ratio of online shopping in 2018. Saying would not be wrong that the ratio will get increased and 50% e-commerce revenue will be earned in an upcoming year. As per the most trusted Goldman Sachs forecasts, mobile E-commerce Trends 2018 revenue is all set to match the total e-commerce revenue $626 billion achieved in 2013.

increase mobile uses

In 2018, we can expect the increased dependency on mobile luring people to go for online shopping without confronting any issue. They want to enjoy shopping irrespective their whereabouts and mobile will be the tool to help in all this.

6) Personalization

Do not you want to get treated in a great way while shopping? Of course, we all want. Online platforms understand this thing and all set to turn this thing into their favor by treating customers in a unique way. The online shopping platforms are all set to cater a plethora of opportunities to make each individual customer feel special.

  • 59% of online shoppers staunchly believe in choosing the personalized online retail store in order to come across the desired product.
  • 56% customers love coming back to the site who keep recommending them about the products associated to their research.
  • 53% customers hold a thinking that an e-commerce store dedicated to cater personalize the shopping experience comes up with a valuable service
  • 45% always go first with the platform offers personalized recommendations

The personalize feature helps the customer to go with the right product and they also feel that online shopping platform is understanding them in a better way offering them more product following their previous searched purchases.

7) Live Video

Why should you refrain yourself to a traditional way of marketing? Live streaming video is a new age way to attract your customers in a great way. This helps a lot to fetch the attention of your audience. Going with live video means you are allowed to educate your customers in respect of your product or service including the price, facility, unique things and so on.

  • Brands have to go through stream live video over multiple social channels to add a spark to their ecommerce business. Facebook and YouTube are the social platforms giving you the opportunity to put up the video and let the customers build up trust on you.
  • HSN and QVC are going to enter to your system. This is an ideal to set disrupt home shopping and e-commerce.

Your customers will also be allowed to ask the questions. The best thing is that customers can ask any sort of question to get clear about the confusions. Here, the gaps get removed and more clarity comes up. You can welcome clients showing you behind the camera face in respect of your online store to win their trust.

Moreover, you can also consult with them in respect of a forthcoming occasion including deal, public exhibition, gathering to promote your product or service.

8) New Social Marketing Tools

This is the most important thing going to bring a tremendous change to E-commerce marketing strategy. We already know how many social media platforms are still going on. The best thing is that it has essential to stay in touch with that.

  • PostAcumen
  • Quora’s Social Media Marketing Forum
  • Piktochart
  • Brand24
  • Topsy
  • Open Site Explorer
  • BuzzStream
  • Buffer
  • Social Rank
  • SocialBro
  • Commun.it
  • Tweetdeck
  • Infogr.am
  • Visually

And a legion are on the way and they will surely come up with some new interesting features to add a glam to the social media marketing world. We all must be ready for that.

9) Product Tagging

The fast-paced competition is all set to make the competition tough. Nowadays, Instagram has added a quite useful option called shoppable tags. This tool plays an important role to let the shippers go with adding the label of the ideal item in order to fetch the attention of the customers.

  • Your friends would be able to tag it with the desired one. The fact cannot be ignored that it portrays a crucial role to take the customer’s shopping experience to the next level.
  • Moreover, it offers great opportunity to offer them a chance to buy an item in a few ticks. People are loving it and very much indulged to go with this trick. For business purpose, it is doing incredibly great. Apart from it, Facebook is also taking initiative in this respect.

What is the benefit of this is that it helps to keep going the indirect marketing? Your friends would be able to tag it with the desired one. The fact cannot be ignored that it portrays a crucial role to take the customer’s shopping experience to the next level.

Moreover, it offers great opportunity to offer them a chance to buy an item in a few ticks. People are loving it and very much indulged to go with this trick. For business purpose, it is doing incredibly great. Apart from it, Facebook is also taking initiative in this respect. Yes!!! it is true that Facebook offers you a fair chance to accomplish something comparative while making promotion oriented strategy.

You are allowed to go and add a tag called “Purchase Now”. What it does? It makes easy to catch with a connection to the item you are going to promote directly under your Facebook post. It means it is going to easy a lot of thing to you. Following these ways will surely make you first at the forefront.

Also, Facebook enables you to make dynamic promotions with connections to a few items. So in the event that you might want to demonstrate your items to individuals who’ve officially communicated enthusiasm on your site, you can make a promotion of such sort.

10) Push Notification For Website

Versatile applications are available in the market and indicating that how very much they can be productive in respect of client re-engagement. What happens? Visitors visit your site and they will be able to get more about the happening even when you are not operating it.

This way lets the customers know more about the notification to stay in touch what is happening.

• Introduce your customers (a relevant audience) about the newly launched products Announce a sale
• Receive authentication from anonymous users
• Send profound information regarding the personalized offers and promotions targeting the on-site behavior
• Making strategy to recover the abandoned carts
• Keep informing the buyer about the shipment of purchase, and delivery and so on to let them ensure you are on work for them all the time.

The real advantage of this way is that it is a kind of an innovation is self-evident as a business would be able to keep the client in touch for longer. Fetching clients’ attention would not be tough anymore.


It has always been less expensive. Moreover, you would not face any issue during sharing the data as it will reach within a stipulated time. They convey new data in a split second and divert the client to the site to discover more. They are speedy, gone ahead time, and don’t require any confounded activities.

They are simply easy to use and would not have trouble while using it. Push warnings beat messages, SMS and web-based social networking in giving up and coming data. Saying would not wrong that it has emerged as the best way to stay engaged with your customers. Push-notices are simply making the initial phases of client engagement to increase the conversion rate of business.

11) Smart Search

The days are gone when people used to believe what others are saying? Now, people dig out first before making any decision and it is called smart search. An e-commerce site must be smart enough to serve according to the one looking for –

  • Focusing on the search bar to make easy for the customers
  • Go for using the filtering the results page
  • Handling long tail semantic searches
  • Using intelligent autocomplete so searching not have to type that way much
  • Including smarter breadcrumbs to have a great experience while searchers come to your site

Enough search makes them able to get filled with the desired information and get showered with the confidence.

12) Online Research

These days’ customers have become quite smart. They do not go shopping without collecting the required information. Whether it is about online or in-store shopping, they always prefer to accumulate required information.

  • Conduct Keyword Research
  • You must find Trends and put the Big Picture in order to fetch the attention of the customers
  • Examining Social Media brings a wide array of information to you
  • Leverage Your Networks and let also them spread the word about you
  • Keep analyzing at which place you are in the Competition

According to study, a legion of users always carry out an online research before buying anything as it is all about their hard earned money. Therefore it is obviously shown that online research holds great impact. Moreover, the competition is getting tough as comparing price has always been part of online research.

These days it has become quite essential to have a site instead of having any office. Customers gather information from there to make a decision either they wish to work with your or not. The fact cannot be ignored that it would be quite essential to hire one of the best Content Marketing Services in order to let your customers know more about your company.

They provide the best content choosing the best words having the best meaning. Being in front of web advancement patterns stands for fetching the attention of the new clients, accomplishing the existing clients and urging more established clients to return.

If you have not been paying attention to your site, the time has come up and you must stay behind. Is it accurate to say that you are going to make or upgrade your site? Contact Magento IT Solutions imparting the best service to its customers to increase the ratio of their business. We believe in preparing the best eCommerce solutions Strategy. Contact us to know more about it is a profound manner.

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