Magento Maintenance & Support Services

Downtime and site issues hurt your business and negatively affects your image. With the comfort and security of a support package, you can be assured that we closely watching pixel by pixel over everything so that you don’t need to.

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ecommerce support & maintenance

Magento Technical Support

We understand the emotions, investment, and expectations what you have with your business. To maintain that feeling and faith sustain, our time will always be there to help you out. We know that the issues like downtime, server hardware problems, backup and storage issues, security concerns are the major concerns of your worry. But here we are to ensure you that somebody is there to look out your critical systems to avoid any negative impact on the business.

Magneto IT Solutions has proved to be a reliable Magento outsourcing partner for the clients in USA, UK, Europ, and Australia.

Magento Technical Support Services

Magento vulnerability scanner

Source code audit

We will be frequently involved in using automated tools for scanning codes and providing the detail analysis in a report. Our purpose is to look for the security flaws and vulnerabilities and assessing for best a practices.

Magento custom design

Design Customization

Your business is unique, so as your website, so to give your website the unusual and individual modification we provide you the custom solution for your needs.

ecommerce indicator

Performances Analysis

To understand the performance of the business we will provide you with valid, detailed and reliable observation related to performance. The report could be statistical (data analysis) or video information (visual feedback).

Magento Security check

Security Review

The first and most important concern of every business is taken care with high priority. Our focus is to test all part of the system to be ensure that our customers and their data are safe and the risk are properly handled.

Functionality Review

To avoid any hindrance in processing every functionality should work as expected. To avoid any kind of issues, our team will closely be analyzing the post-testing concerns like load time, graphics clarity, load speed, navigation functionality, etc.

SEO Auditing

It’s all about increasing online conversions, traffic and ranking. Increasing traffic will provide more leads, brand awareness, e-mail captures, etc. SEO is the core of what we provide.

Manage source code

This basically provides the coordination and services between members of SDLC. It give assurance that none of the members will write on each other changes only the newest version will be for the use.

Version Upgradation

In order to improve the system characteristics the older version is upgraded to newer one. This is nothing but the replacement of the older software, hardware or firmware with the latest or the newer version available.

magento speed optimization

Plug-in Customization

The plugin will be added as a new section at your customize screen which will be said as simple customize, A new customize option should be displayed when input fields for various elements are contained.

Data Migrations

This is very critical process held in businesses. This process involve transfer of data from one store to another for the purpose of creating back up or utilizing it for data analysis. Different tools are used to make this process successful and secure suck as ETL, etc.

Website speed up

Website speed plays a big role in company’s success. A 1 second of delay could cause 11% fewer page views, 16% downfall in customer satisfaction and 7 to 8 % loss in customer conversions. And some of the companies have already been approved this to be an important factor.

Website monitoring

This will occur when you start losing customers for your website. Our support personnel will resolve the issue by analyzing the website. It will help to improve the performance of your website.

Overall client rating is 4.8 out of 5.0 for Magneto by 500+ clients on over 1000+ projects.