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Magneto IT Solutions handles all the busy work of managing a successful online business so you can stay focused on making music.

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Create an e-sensation with our music website builder

Magneto IT Solutions can help you build the most sensational website for your ‘Music Website’ for your Fans and Artists. We can help you showcase the best features for your stakeholders and design the best UI.
Uncover a musical treasure trove for your customers and make them meet a whole slew of new Musicians and Artists. Let them build the perfect soundtrack to their life with access to all the latest and budding artists in the music industry with our website builders for musicians. We understand your industry and believe that artists should be well compensated for the joy they bring to their audiences,i.e., your Fans.

For your fans

We can help you create the perfect section on your Music website for your fans - stakeholders. Add the features given below to your music website and welcome your fans to a Music Paradise!
Let your fans start constructing their perfect audio collection of unique performances from their favourite musicians by joining your Music website community with the help of our music website development.

Fan view features



Let your Fan side - customers personalise their profile and add a personal touchpoint to their profile. We are a Website Builder for Musicians and Fans that can help you build a website with the ‘Theme mode’ by providing your customers a Dark/ Light theme toggle button. We can provide you the following basic features:

Profile information

Name, Email ID, Country, State, Phone number, DOB, Gender.


Downloads, Artist News, Gig Guides, Customisable Playlists, Fan Forum, Latest Reviews, Fan/ Artist Mailbox.

My reviews

Customers’ reviews, Sort by (Last updated, Old, 3 months old, 1 month old.

Recently played

We understand your industry and therefore recommend this vital feature. The recently played music track helps your customers quickly play their recent soundtrack on the go.

HD Video/ Audio: Toggle button for playing audio only. Download option Heart Like, star rating - review, comments Suggested Songs

My playlist

We have the required experience to provide you with the best Music website. We suggest you add the feature of ‘My Playlist’ to add to the customization of a customer with their very own playlist among the following:

Favourites & Latest Favourites Top 20 Favourite Female Artists Best Live Videos Favourite Videos

My artists

We can develop you a website with a feature for your customers to choose from and add their favourite artists into one folder of ‘My Artists.’ This folder will contain artists’ work and many more exciting features like:

Heart like Send message (chat option) Photo gallery Search songs & Latest Albums

My collection

Magneto IT Solutions is capable of building a website with an interesting feature of ‘My Collection’ for your customers. This helps your customers to keep a personalised collection of music and videos along with the following attributes:

HD Video/ Audio: Toggle button for playing audio only Download Option Heart Like, star rating - review, comments Suggested Songs

Latest performances and trending now

We can build you a website where customers can keep track and get notified about any latest performances and trending songs and videos. This feature helps your customers, both Fans and Artists, stay tuned all the time. The following are the important functionalities:

HD Videos/ Audio option Reviews - star rating and Comments Heart like reaction Suggested songs

New and featured artists:

Let your customers on the fan side stay tuned about the upcoming music videos of the new and featured artists, your other set of customers, and the artists. This feature also allows the following actions on the page for a more engaging experience among your customers, fans, and artists:

Heart like Send message (chat option) About & Photo gallery News & Upcoming Events Search songs Latest Albums

Music categories:

Develop a music store with various kinds of Music categories for your customers to sort and choose quickly. This feature enables your customers to directly go to a particular category with a readymade playlist according to their mood. Following are its attributes that your customers can enjoy:

Solo Female/Male Sean Nos Pop Garage Dance Band Singer Songwriter Rock Indie Folk Acoustic etc.

For your artists

Do your Artists feel satisfactorily compensated for their music? Make your Artists feel more secure and satisfied with a Website for Music Artists. Let them begin expanding their fan base by joining your Music website today.
We can help you provide your Artists a platform to tell their fans about themselves, their music, and their upcoming shows. Assure them a platform with our creation and let them expand their audience and make money.

Artist view feature



The user can personalize their profile via a ‘Theme mode’ website, we can develop such a website by providing your customers with a Dark/ Light theme toggle button. Artists can showcase - About, Photo gallery and Upcoming events in this section. They also have the privilege to edit the following anytime:

Edit Profile Songs count Create Events Likes count Create News


We can create a Website for Music Artists with a dashboard tool that they can use to track, and analyze data, usually to obtain a better understanding of their music tracks and videos along with the overall status of their profile. They can check their Top 5, and upload new videos. This feature also helps them to make better decisions by drawing insights from the following:

Percentage of profile completed Active Subscribers (Country-wise) Number of songs/ videos in ‘This month’, ‘This Year’, and ‘To Date’ Analytics Reports Likes Uploads

My songs

Let your Artist - customers keep track of their own songs in this section, a place where they work. This section contains the basic functionalities of an audio/ video type for the Fan - customers. Artists can showcase the following in this feature for their audience, i.e., fans:

HD Videos/ Audio option Reviews - star rating and Comments Heart like reaction Suggested songs

View as fan

This is the most important feature that Magneto IT Solutions can provide to you with its Music Website Development with a ‘View as fan’ feature. Your Artist customers will remain interested in knowing how their page would look if a fan is watching it. It gives your artists a scope for improvement, and your fans - customers to see the best work of their favourite artists. Some of the basic functionalities are:

Multiple profile edits Preview mode Analytics tools

My reviews

We suggest you add the ‘My Reviews’ feature for your Artist - customers. Reviews improve rankings, credibility, and conversion. Everyone wins when it comes to online ratings and reviews. This section helps your Artist - customers feel confident when praised and improve on their weaknesses, if any. Following features can be utilised:

Chat with fans Sort Heart likes

Create an amazing music website with us

Artists of all kinds can upload songs to your Music website, a Music Gateway that can help them link with Music Industry Professionals and Fans. We can help you build an Online Music Showcase page, where they may learn more about you and your music. We can make awesome Artist and Fan - websites with our Music website Builder. So, what else are you looking out for? Check out our website builder right now!



Artists were able to promote their music videos on a subscription-based platform, and their followers enjoyed the streaming.

Fanclub is a community that brings fans and artists together on one platform. It’s a one-of-a-kind space where music fans can listen to a wide choice of exclusive music content from their favorite musicians, as well as a whole bunch of new musicians who have yet to be discovered.


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