On-demand Laundry App Development Solutions

Hire experienced laundry app developers from our agency to build intuitive and user-friendly solutions for your dry cleaning business. We create revenue-optimized iOS, Android, or Web-based applications for laundry service companies.

Magneto It Solution

User App

    • Login Page: A seamless, onboarding experience for users.
    • GPS for Location: Define the current pickup and drop-off locations via GPS.
    • Services Page: Choose a laundry service that suits their lifestyle
    • Schedule Pickups: Select ideal time for pickup and delivery based on customer’s convenience
    • Wash Preferences: Customize orders based on cloth category and washing need
    • Order Tracking: Monitor orders in real-time from pickup to the laundry room and back.
    • Payment:  Secure payment gateway with support for multiple methods
    • Purchase Credit: A revenue model for students and other class of laundry clients
    • Contact Us: Request and receive support from the laundry service company.
    • How Does The App Work? Our on-demand laundry app development process includes a guide for new users to learn more about the app and its features.
Magneto It Solution

Services Provider App Features

    • Sign Up& Enrol: Login portal for interested delivery partners
    • Profile: Generate and manage personal information including profile image
    • Toggle Availability: Choose availability based on personal preferences
    • GPS for Location: Receive orders based on current location via GPS.
    • Accept Orders: Receive notifications and accept delivery assignments within the locality.
    • Update Orders: Orders are updated from pickup and drop-off and then checked off once they’re completed.
    • Order History: Easily track executed orders from an organized history page.
    • Earnings: Track earned income and request payout for executed orders.
    • Support: Contact laundry service company for enquiries and assistance.
    • How Does The App Work? Our on-demand laundry app development process creates a seamless experience for partners with an intuitive UI and customization options.
Magneto It Solution

Laundry Admin Features

    • Master Data: Admin can see classified information on existing delivery partners and clients as well as overall performance and order history.

    Laundry App Users:

    • Customer Profile: Admin can view the profile of registered users and their status as either regular or one-time clients.
    • Reviews: Admin can view and manage all reviews posted on the laundry app by both delivery partners and clients.
    • Delivery Partners: Admin can approve or revoke delivery partners based on client feedback and overall performance.

    Order Management:

    • Orders: Admin will be able to see the complete detail of laundry orders placed by clients.
    • Order Request: Admin can view orders, check the status and receive updates on customer preferences.
    • Services: Admin can add or remove laundry services provided during a specific period.

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