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Taxi Application Solutions

Maximize revenue sources with the best user-friendly handyman application solutions for iOS, Android, or Web. Our highly optimized UI converts users and brings your handyman business near autopilot.

Magneto It Solution


    • It lets you book the taxi on time or for later bookings.
    • Entire trip details through receipt which includes entire details on Booking ID, Pickup & drop location, fare charges (based on fare, distance, trip time, wait time, discount applied (if any), and payment type).
    • Chat options to connect driver and user.
    • Wallet balance for users to differentiate debit and credit details.
    • Review option for the driver.
    • Trip ETA details with every moment updates.
    • Final invoice generation in details.
    • Wallet History logs (with all credits/debits)
    • Payment mode details (Card/cash payment mode).
    • Partial payment options for users.
    • Real-time update on the driver.
    • Add money to your wallet account.
Magneto It Solution


  • Status update option for on-duty/off duty.
  • Default home page with the current location.
  • Notifications on booking with upcoming, assign jobs and history status.
  • Detects job option (where later on bookings will be available to accept).
  • Handle car option (details of the car).
  • Wallet option with debit and credit payments.
  • Review panel (Review for clients).
  • Driver wallet recharge.
  • Transaction history with All/Credits/Debits.
  • Add money to a wallet.
  • Real-time job assigning on the basis of car type, trip time and GPS distance.
  • Automated job assignment.
  • Manual job assigning (From dispatcher panel).
Magneto It Solution


  • Admin dashboard which showcases the entire overview of the work.
  • There is a calendar view option for differentiating the monthly and yearly transactions.
  • It helps you to know about daily driver earnings.
  • Admin has access to all user from where they can manage too.
  • Even this panel is useful to manage the bookings.
  • Supervise and handle details of the driver.
  • Manages the car types.
  • It also has an option for payout request.
  • Handle coupons.
  • Control delay reasons.
  • Command the zone area.

Advanced Features

Magneto It Solution Easy booking process at your fingertip.

Magneto It Solution Adjustable rates for day and night.

Magneto It Solution Autocomplete integration from Google API.

Magneto It Solution Firebase one to one chat access (between driver and users)

Magneto It Solution Displays entire bookings to load and clean UI.

Magneto It Solution Corroborates to localization and Internationalization.

Magneto It Solution Supports push messages

Magneto It Solution Animation views between Facebook style slide menu.

Magneto It Solution It supports RTL languages

Magneto It Solution Easy share ETA on Facebook and Twitter

Magneto It Solution Mapping is done easily with plotting over it with distance, minutes and calculation between routes.

Magneto It Solution User’s review over the driver after the completion of the ride, contrary driver shares the user review too.

Magneto It Solution Option to cancel the trip for user till the driver begins the journey and even option for the driver to cancel the job any time.

Magneto It Solution Active auto refresh when the driver accepts the job on arrival, beginning of the journey, a journey completed/ dropped etc.

Magneto It Solution Options for managing cab types with rates from the backend of CMS.

Magneto It Solution Fare info on screen with options to know all rate for the day and night trips.

Magneto It Solution Interface similar to OLA cabs.

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