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Magneto IT Solutions and fabric :
The next generation digital commerce collaboration

As fabric's partners, we intend to further the cause of constructing a strong commercial infrastructure to enable future trade.The modern e-commerce experiences will be made available through headless commerce platforms, applications, and APIs. You can communicate with your customers in ways that were before only theoretical, thanks to headless commerce as a service.
As fabric solutions integrators, we aim to modernise outdated e-commerce platforms and technologies. This can be accomplished by offering the best solutions to assist our clients in achieving their company goals. Additionally, look for fresh avenues and chances to help them grow.

Choose us as your fabric solutions integration partners

We build more than just top-notch digital commerce experiences. Together, we'll develop a commerce strategy tailored to the needs of your business, identify untapped revenue streams, and build an ecosystem focused on the "ultimate customer experience" that drives sales and converts consumers into brand advocates.

We cover a wide range of digital disciplines at Magneto IT Solutions. We are experts in user experience and design, user research, development, customization, support, and digital marketing. We strongly rely on an interdisciplinary strategy since we think that the finest digital solutions and the best user experiences are built in the intersection of all of these specialties.

The team of developers at Magneto IT Solutions are bunch of highly-experienced digital commerce professionals, having knowledge of various domains of modern technology and languages. The developers prefer commercetools because it is a solid, API-first framework that enables them to develop in the language of their choice.

We follow the the best approach, architecture and latest technology to design world class ecommerce mobile apps and webstores. However, developing a procedure or modus operandi for how we approach projects is still crucial. With this model, you can see how we operate.

  • Research & analysis
  • Wireframing & UI/UX strategy formulation
  • Design & development
  • Implementation & integration
  • Testing & launch
  • Training & support

The fabric experts at Magneto IT Solutions can develop you a full suite backend architecture and customizations for managing items, prices, promotions, inventories, and orders across all channels while taking your company's needs into account. We provide you with high-end, customizable backend development services.

We think a headless approach to application development is the greatest option for flexibility. React.js and vue.js are our areas of expertise since they complement our API-first philosophy. Our full stack developers work in the industry standard web-development technologies every day and are proficient in numerous languages and frameworks. They will use this information to assist you and direct you towards the best course of action.

Hire certified fabric developers

With extensive product expertise and end-to-end implementation experience, our development team comprises of qualified specialists. As a result, dependability and quality are ensured.

Offsite Devs

Magneto IT Solutions offers direct access to our pool of dedicated fabric developers and consultants to fill in those gaps on your current team or provide the augmentation needed to overcome short-term benchmarks. This saves you time and money by supplementing your needs with quick solutions to get your project up and running.


On-site devs

Hire certified fabric developers for full-time or contract commitments that will focus their entire experience and expertise solely on your project, no matter where you are in the world. We have a pool of talent capable of meeting your current needs ready to come to your location.


Hybrid devs

For your more difficult or complex projects, we also provide a hybrid model of our expert fabric certified developer services that makes use of any time and commitment structure. This is a service that has been specifically created for your company to meet the needs of maintaining or growing your project.


The results we deliver


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Owner at VP Wedding Planner

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President of Diyi Technology

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The numerous possibilties with fabric

Get a full set of commerce software for handling orders, pricing, and products, as well as adaptable commerce APIs for creating any kind of shopping experience.

  • 1Customer account management

    Create and manage distributed business units, locations, and multi - divisional organisations.Give clients the option of creating several shopping lists. Shopping lists can be distributed inside the company for approval.

  • 2Catalog management & pricing

    Manage products & price lists, product kinds, and variants in addition to having the ability to deal with intricate customizations in dedicated views, making the complexity of your business more understandable to your consumers.

  • 3Integrated payments

    With commercetools unified cart, you can easily manage everything from pricing to shipping and from currencies to discounts. By doing this, you can build up various stores with uniform cart and purchase behaviour.

  • 4Order management

    With built-in connectors for a number of payment methods, including ACH, cards, cheques, payment on delivery, and net payment periods, you can provide a consumer-like B2B payment experience to your customers. You can use a single dashboard to view all orders and utilise custom reporting on business KPIs.

  • 5Multichannel management

    Manage various storefronts, customer segmentation for B2C and B2B, and distributed shopping via social, marketplaces, and your own destination properties on a single platform.

  • 6300+ commerce APIs

    Get a comprehensive set of commerce APIs by fabric that provide programmers the means to build distinctive front-end interfaces and custom back-end solutions.

  • 7Developer tooling

    The fabric platform is designed to be flexible and extendable, providing you the freedom to construct any scenario you can think of. This flexibility includes commerce-specific APIs and the ability to change data models and processes using patented technologies.

  • 8Administration and automation

    With fabric, you can easily customize business policies, roles & access, workflows, business rules, reporting, settings, and automation rules to suit your particular needs in terms of service level and user experience.

Why choose fabric?

The fabric platform is the future if commerce that provide solutions for B2B, B2B and D2C models. It has the following benefits:

  • Large product catalogs

    can be managed easily through a centralized location.

  • Easy online ordering

    can be enabled through the built in B2B order management system

  • Prebuilt design components

    that can create modern buying experiences for your customers.

  • Entire technology stack

    can be managed from a single e-commerce platform created by fabric.

  • Existing ERP, CRM, WMS platforms

    can be secured, hosted and monitored by fabric effortlessly

  • Customization possibilities

    with fabric can enable differentiated shopping experiences for your customers

Work with a trusted fabric solutions integrator

Hire our fabric development services, and we promise it would be the best decision you’ve made to take your business forward.


Recognition from the top leading analytics agencies

Magneto IT Solutions has been repeatedly recognized by the leading analytics agencies. This is due to our endeavour in finding the perfect alignment between design, customer experience and technology.


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