10 Common mistakes to avoid: Magento SEO tips

10 Common mistakes to avoid: Magento SEO tips

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10 Common mistakes to avoid: Magento SEO tips

SEO is  the most essential factor for success of newly developed E-commerce site. While developing Magento sites we should aware about the all the SEO basic settings. Don’t  worry Magento SEO items can configurable from the admin side and you can do it easily. Here I am presenting some common SEO mistakes that one should avoid while making a Magento site.

1. Homepage title “home”: I have seen many Magento stores with home page title as Home which is a default title for Magento store. The Home page is the most essential page and its title should update as per SEO rules enclosing your primary keyword first follow by secondary keyword. You can update it CMS > Pages and Edit your home page.

2. Logo ALT text: At the time of installing new Magento parameter is set to “Magento Commerce”. Lots of people forget to change while making the website live. It is suggested to change as per store name. Just follow this step System => Configuration => Design => Header => Logo Image ALT.

3. Lack of Product Description: From my point of view, this mistake usually made by online clothing stores or online shopping gift shops. Unfortunately, the entire lack of a product description almost puts an end to the chances of the page in query of top 10 search result. So ensure that you add an attractive product description to the product card; do not kill page ranking.

fenu shu-bags

E.g. These bags nothing special in it. Definitely images are always attractive, but as we know search engine cannot see images it becomes essential to add good and attractive product description.

Definitely more unique content will be beneficial. So here one should keep some basic things in mind while writing product description:

  • Write descriptive content so customers can make purchasing decisions.
  • Avoid coping content from other sites. Your site may get penalized.
  • You may think the word counts of description may be helpful to attract the buyer. But this is wrong. Excess of content might hurt.

4. Using Default Description: Just add a description from the manufacturer, if you want to be filtered by the search engines. This method can guarantee your website will be penalized by the search engines. The fact is that these descriptions are circulated to many online stores. Many of them are leaving the text in its original form. All this leads to create lots of pages with similar content and filters from search engines. The worst thing is that these manufacturer descriptions are basically written in such way that not able to generate sells.  It is suggested to always write unique and catchy content. Google is getting better day by day and also getting better at making websites ranking down because of content scraping and duplicate content.

Now creating unique content for thousands of products can be a much tougher task. You may think putting a NO INDEX meta tag on product pages for which you can’t write unique content. If you have thousands of product pages that you either can’t get to or will be out of your range, then definitely consider keeping them out. The things here is that you don’t want to have thousands of pages with similar content compared to only a few that do. This makes your site look like it has generated automatically simple pages to gain SEO traffic. That’s just what you don’t want it to look like. It is recommended to keep your SEO in properly optimized product pages rather than looking like spammy content.

5. Not turning on rel =canonical: I suggest you to turn canonicals on for both categories and products to save yourself from getting lots of duplicate content issues.

6. Layered Navigation Issues: One of biggest problem for Magento SEO is Layered Navigation Issues. Missing this part while designing Magento sites is also a mistake for sales as every visitor who is browsing on your website would like to find the prefered products within seconds and get frustrated if she/he doesn’t see any layered navigation to filter products by color or size, category and price. I am sharing below for those people who are not getting about what I am talking right now. This will give you the cleared idea about layered navigation :


This type of issues may lead for copy content, Also it will mess up all your URLs, pages titles and description with identical content which again leads to killing SEO efforts.

It is suggested don’t allow layered navigation pages to be crawled by search engines. You can do this by sending fast ajax request or cookies. Ajax navigation will allow your visitors to filter your featured products without appending anything to URLs. But again this is much tougher and you will required to hire experienced Magento Developers for doing this. Another option is that you can even buy and add a Premium Extension – Layered Navigation Pro from Magento Ecommerce extensions library.

7.  Ignoring images optimization: Magento doesn’t add ALTs tag or change the name of the product images by default. You want your images to bring your reactive traffic  from search engines and you required SEO friendly names and filled ALT tags for that.

8.  Using a default Magento XML sitemap: For those people who are not aware about this, let me explain in Magento Language, People think Sitemaps refer to google and this doesn’t mean they does not refer to other search engines. Definitely they refer by yahoo and bing also. Many SEO people forget to include Sitemaps and if they do, they forget to refresh during particular intervals. Many folks even build it with sample categories and products and later they forget to check it and delete while doing website live.  Here I am giving tips for Sitemp:

·    Add a sitemap by generating one from the sitemap directory in your web root along with writable access.

·    If you are using the hosted of magento- “Magento Go”, just go to directory-  Google Sitemap as show below.


and in case if you are using the normal version,go to System – configuration – Catalog – Google Sitemap and create one for your website.

·    Set up your Magento Store such that it refreshes your site at normal intervals automatically. To organize this functionality, go to your admin area,

System – Configuration – Catalog- Google Sitemap

You can even use some premium custom sitemap extensions such as Magento Extended Sitemap Extension and Aschroder.com Sitemap Submit

9. Broken Links:A small piece of maintenance on your site can go a long way. There is nothing more annoying than clicking on a site and you are sold on their services or goods, and you click a link to buy to find more detail, and the link is broken and results in a “Page not found”

This is frustrating for the visitor and they are not good for the search engines! Always remembered that a search engine jobs is to find a good web page for a particular query.

10. Lack of Keyword Research: More than 90% of sites failed because of lack of keyword research or not done properly. We can assume what people are searching to find good products or services you required the figures and facts. At the time of keyword research, you need to determine which keywords are beneficial in digital marketing campaigns.

So these are some common SEO mistakes that have to be avoided while developing Magento eCommerce sites. I hope you will keep this point while developing the Magento sites. If you want to optimize your Magento eCommerce site as well, browse Magneto It solutions to get an affordable quotation and let’s begin.

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