5 Skills You Need To Be A Successful SEO Content Writer

5 Skills You Need To Be A Successful SEO Content Writer

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Writing is a dream job, but only some people can write instantly on giving topic. For writing product description many writers are being hired and some become out to be a novelist. Unfortunately, many writers have a better opportunity of writing product descriptions than they do of becoming a novelist.


Here are some skills that have to be look in your content writer:

  • Be your brand promoter and advertise your business with fresh and informative content
  • Write compelling copy that encourages and changes the scenario and maintain current customer.
  • Increase the sale with the aim that stimulate your customer to purchase from you.
  • Assist you in finding new clients, new leads with helpful lead generation methods with content marketing. A good content marketer will be thinking of new techniques to create business, attract customers with help of good content, be it in the form of a Whitepaper, eBook and webinar.

It becomes essential for a content writer to become a much multitalented to able to write for different audiences and also be able to prepared various types of content marketing collateral like:

  • Email newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Lead generation content like webinars and eBooks

1.Writing and Selling Passion:

An ideal content writer should know the customer’s mind and also should know the key motivators. Here are some important areas where the content writer is excellent:

  • The talent of creating a catchy Title.
  • The art of developing perfect calls to actions as well as the art of knowing to avoid content mistakes that cost valuable conversions
  • The talent to create kick-ass landing pages that convert every time
  • Content writers should know how to speak to what the copywriting world know” key motivators”.
  • Now it’s become essential to write as per SEO perspective also. Copy content will not be acceptable by google anymore and it will instantly lead to site penalty. Definitely the main reason is to have a professional website that is not casual.

2.Should Know SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress:

Relax! You need only some basic knowledge. Themes of WordPress have unstable levels of automatic functions and many times the only way to make your text emerge the way you want it to be to mine into the text/HTML tab and work the code to make a title tag or fix an issue of spacing. It will help to save your time to learn the basics. Updated SEO knowledge is also important. Google constantly changes algorithms and writers have to be stay updated. One thing remains regular: High quality always been given priority. You will always demanded if you can write unique and informative content.

3.Community building skills and Social Media Strategies:

Now a day social media and web content go hand-in-hand and content writer who know to manage the social into the content marketing mix is vital. The ideal writer should have:

  • He/she should be able write engaging content that bring the audience in conversation.
  • He/she should be able to encourage the audience to come back for more like sign up and subscribe for webinar and eBooks.
  • He/She able to persuade an interaction and build community with lots of conversation in the form of email, comments, feedback and tweets. As we’ve entered the golden age of customer interaction, social media and community building

4. Analytic Knowledge:

Metrics of your website are also signs of how good content is getting accepted. This will helpful to give information like:

  • Content shared
  • Popularity of content
  • Content page views and bounce rate
  • Content Value
  • Most popular search terms
  • Which content is getting traffic and ranking through search engines

Ideal content writers know how to understand website metrics so that:

  • They will create more content which helps to convert, optimize and getting more business leads
  • They will use analytics tools for spilt test of different versions of a page to know which version is getting a maximum lead generation.

5.Content Strategies and Website Architect:

Unless you are a large business website, the likelihood are that your web content writer is also going to double up as your website architect. An ideal content writer should be able creates content strategies by keeping the audience in mind for easy navigation and accessibility. Strategies should be created in-depth understanding of how content can get maximum traffic. They also have to give suggestion to their clients on all content factors which consists the UX vision for your website, identifying gaps in content, identifying the key overall messaging.

In this market, it is essential to focus on your content strategy. However a content marketer with all these skills doesn’t come inexpensive you are definite rich surplus in the form of better ROI and finally better cost per sale metrics, more business, more leads and of-course more success.

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