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Magneto is a leading Android Game Development Company India who has created fantastic games which are played by millions of users and have created lots of value for the owner of those games. We are one of the best Android game development companies. We at Magneto, offer a complete, end to end solution to your Android game development needs. We hire android game developers who are expert and experienced Android game designers and developers who understand your requirements and business objective and suggest the best fitting solution. We care for taking up complex and difficult projects in our hands. We go an extra mile to provide our clients the best user experience. We develop games apps for all mobile platforms with benchmarked against industry standards by Top Android Game Developers. We have also worked with clients from countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe.

How can Android Game Development help you for the StartUp your business?

Our resourceful, best android game developers, dedicated game testers and experienced marketing experts work under the same sunshade to create well-designed and visually rich games. These are the games with a potential to monetize your business. We ensure that the games we deliver are bug free and high performance graphics that helps your business be successful.

What Android Game development services we provide?

  • Android Game Development solutions
  • Android Game UX/UI Designers
  • Android Game Development Strategy
  • Android Game Development For Small Business
  • Android Game Testing Services
  • Android Game Support, Maintenance & Optimisation
  • Android Game Code Audit
  • Enterprise Anroid Game Development

How much will Android Game Development cost?

In best Android Game Development Company India price to build an android game app can differ from its size i.e. mini game, small game, medium game, large game or very large game. Other cost factors for determining the cost is whether the game is casual, social, cross-platform or games with complex graphics. Apart from these, vendors, design and Operating system are also some of the important cost determinants of the Android Game Development For precise or approximate estimation of the cost, you need assistance from an expert mobile app development company like Magneto IT Solutions. Our developers will guide you properly and provide you with the best solution for your apple watch app that is customer centric as well as cost effective.

Steps we follow to Develop an Android Game

Prerequisite Gathering

  • To evaluate your concept we discuss the ideation of the proposed Android Game.
  • Processing your idea to make it more profitable.
  • Creating a final document of requirements specifications.
  • We finalize the target.

Android Game Design

  • We choose the right approach to design the game.
  • We create an opening draft for the game design.
  • We are finalizing the design of the game.

Development of Android Game

  • Creating the game objects, background, animations.
  • Coding of the essential game technicalities.
  • First version delivery of the game which comprises basic game play.
  • Accepting the feedback, and further developing the game according to that framework.
  • Design and development of the Levels with the creation of UI elements.
  • Integration of all the elements


  • Quality Assurance, monitoring and Testing.
  • Submission of Game for Android.
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Android Games Development
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You will choose Magneto because

You want the next top game

We know your expectations

Making it viral

We understand you want millions of downloads on your gamin app. While it is not possible to guarantee millions of downloads within one month, we definitely assure you of the best expression of your gaming idea. All depends on how effective your idea is to engage the fancy of millions of Android users. Once you come up with the concept, we work and work and work on it unless we are sure that now here is a convincing storyline.

All gaming genres

You name it

You name the genre and we are game. We can set up games in shooting, sailing, driving, racing, or flying, you name it! We can develop all sorts of casino games. We can make sure your games keep scoring the high results in the app store. As the positive user reviews start pouring in, your game gain momentum. It makes us very happy to see you succeed, as it also means we have another milestone in our portfolio.

A systematic game

Development perfected

We perfect the app development process by virtue of our experience in working at Android. In fact, our developers have been fiddling with Android right from the beginning. We evolved as the operating system did. We adapted as the OS adapted with the demands of the evolved user. Everything is systematic and fast in our methodical approach. We are smooth and savvy. Once the coders have the tasks ordained, they get to work with complete dedication.

Buy your fair place

Reaping rewards manifold

In many games, users need to buy their rewards and special advantages. Just like that, our app development work is also available in a fair pricing model. We make sure you have the best program at the right price. Discuss your idea with us, so that we can quote a custom price. We avoid general packages as they eventually lead to average standards. Our efforts are always to provide an excellent service at a worthy price.