Google Play Store Apps To Be Officially Ranked And Rated Before Release

Quality conscious Google has modified the app submission process for Google play store. All the apps on Google play store will now have an official rating from Google before they are released for the Smartphone users.

All the app developers who have any published app on Google Play store are requested to submit the content review and ratings via Developer Console. The apps with no ratings will be marked as ‘unrated’ and face a few blockages from May 2015 onwards.

As of yet, the android Smartphone users downloaded and reviewed the apps on their own. There were violations of Google’s polices and a few quality issues that needed some attention. To ensure that the users receive quality apps that do not violate any official policies, they new process will need app to be rated for its content by the app developers. Furthermore, an official rating from Google via International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) shall be incorporated as well.

A team of Google experts will provide feedback on the app within a few hours of its submission. The experts will ensure that the app complies with all the policies of Google Play’s developer program. The new review system will help the developers get a better insight of why the app has been suspended or rejected. They will be able to improve upon their submission on the immediate basis and can resubmit after fixing the issues.


The new content rating system will ensure that the end users get benefit of the triple rated apps.

The initial content ratings will come from the mobile app developers. The app developers’ content rating will be a part of the new app submission method. The next rating will be official Google rating that will be based on ratings from the IARC.

IRAC comprises of ESRB or the Entertainment Software Rating Board, ACB or the Australian Classification Board, PEGI or Pan-European Game Information, ClassInd or Classificação Indicativa and the USK or Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle. The apps that will not be able to receive ratings from any of these bodies will continue to have the generic public ratings.

The Google’s official ratings are swift, free as well as automated. The new content ratings will ensure that people from different countries will receive the best and consistent apps. The new content rating will help the users discover the apps that have the finest engagement and are appropriate for them.

Eunice Kim says, “Google shall keep on devising the tools that help the app developers’ community. We wish to see them succeed and will provide the tools that will help them grow.”

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