Do you need an smartphone app for your wordpress website, just DIY!

The smartphone in the hands of your consumers is the most secured and easy way of attaining brand loyalty. A responsive website can be easily accessed on all mobile browsers. Thus, the question that comes next is that should you be interested in a mobile app at all. Is a responsive website not just good enough?

Should You Opt for a Responsive Website or a Smartphone App?

Latest statistics and analytics reveled by Flurry, Forbes and Statista all revel the same facts that the mobile apps continue to be the prominent choice of the Smartphones users as compared to a website. While the time spent on mobile apps has increased by 14 to 18 percent, the time spent of mobile web has equally declined.


Time Spent on iOS and Android Connected Devices

ios and android
Be it a brand loyalty, better sales or better revenue via advertisements, undoubtedly, the smartphone apps win hands down.

The Smartphone App Makers

One of the significant factors of making an app is to understand what platform is the app to be developed for. If you wish to make a smartphone app for a windows based mobile, you must visit appstudio on or can use ZipApp. If you wish to make an app for an iPhone or for an Android based smartphone, a few options that you can explore

  • Mobile Roadie
  • TheAppBuilder
  • Good Barber
  • Appy Pie
  • AppMachine
  • GameSalad
  • BiznessApps
  • AppMakr
  • ShoutEm 

Instead of paying a large sum of money for making, publishing and distributing the app, the app builders offer you the similar choices of just a fraction of the cost that can be paid on monthly basis as well.

DIY: Smartphone App for WordPress

While building a mobile app for a gamming application or an e-commerce store needs proper funding, coming up with an app for a website develop on WordPress comparatively is much easier. Success of an app is not dependent on just easy of access from the phone but is actually about user experience that the app offers. A well thought and exclusively designed to app builder that connect to your WordPress site has been launched by AppPresser as Reactor.

Reactor offers ease of integration of the WordPress site’s pages, posts, photos and videos, customized content such as events, webinars, upcoming offers and much more. It even facilitates integration of WordPress plug-ins such as WooCommerce.

Step By Step Guide to Create a Mobile App with Reactor 

  • Login to the WordPress site’s admin panel
  • Click on ‘Plugins’ and then on ‘Add New’
  • Search ‘Reactor Core’ and install the plugin
  • Go to Reactor choose a plant that suits your requirements and sign up for free trial. You will need a MasterCard or a Visa card to sign up for free trial account as well.
  • Verify your email id and login into your accountYou will see the dashboard of Reactor and there is an amazing similarity between the WordPress user inter phase and reactor’s UI. Now, it is time to create some unique content for your exclusive app.
  • To create the pages for the app, you have various options to choose from. Various kinds of pages fulfill varied requirements.
    • A list or a list of media or a card list – The List option creates a list of the items to choose from while cards options display the cards.
    • For an e-commerce site, you can opt for a WooCommerce or a two column WooCommerce. Along with the product options and images, you can display the price of the product as well. Your customers get a chance to view, choose and buy your products via the app.
    • You can even create a new photo gallery or embed a Google map into your page for the app
    • If you wish to add some more content specifically for your app, you have the option to add text or html pages as well. Please note that this content is specifically for your app and will not be visible on your website.
    • To build an app that is the mirror image of your web site, add page from the existing pages on the web site

For an appealing user experience, you can add sliders and make pages attractive with full view format. Social sharing of each page can be again customized to optimize the options are just so you can tailor each page to the store visitors liking.

Google Map can be used on a store locator page and customers can be directed to the nearest store with the help of the app.

Now, that the pages that you wish to see in the app are ready, it is time to embed the content or pages created for app into the menu.

  • To create the menu, go to “Create a menu and add pages to it option” and just as you created a menu for the WordPress site visitors, add a menu for your app by choosing from the options given in the edit menus display
  • To add a menu icon you can use the Ionic Framework of Retractor that offers many icons to choose from.
  • Now that the content pages and the menu for app are ready, it is time to customize the design of your app. It can again be configured as per your preference from the various options that you can choose from. Simply, click on ‘Customize your app design ‘and choose the options that make your app attractive
  • It is advisable to preview the app that you have created. Thus, click on ‘Click on app to put it all together and preview the app that you just created. You can opt to put in push notifications at this stage can modify all that you feel is missing or is not right
  • Test you app on a Smartphone and if you are happy with the outcome, you are ready with the app that you have designed on your own. In case, you still feel like making any changes or additions, you can always make modifications to suit your requirement

Though a professional has many tricks under his hat, doing things on your own sure makes you feel good and be confident of exactly where are you heading. Running a business that curbs the competition is not a child’s play. However, making an app for a WordPress site, well, what do you say?

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