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The USA is hot destination for immigrants plus visitors for different motives. Though, food is basic necessity and one could find it hard to discover their local food and even harder to get it in restaurants with its expected taste. This problem has been addressed by launching AirBowl mobile app for the great experience of on-demand recipes by talented private cooks, anywhere. This case study evaluates the involvement of Magneto app development services in setting chef booking app for customers.

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Problems regarding on-demand recipes

Several challenges while getting on-demand recipes at new location are mentioned below.

  • It’s tricky to find the good food places at new location and restaurants can’t be the best option if customer is looking for personalized and specialized dish.
  • For customers, it could be frustrating to find the restaurants which have the food categories of their interest and to confirm the availability of it.
  • It’s very hard to get real taste of specific dishes as it’s a mystery that which chef prepared the dish and if he has special knowledge and experience in that kind of menu preparation.
  • Making reservations and finding availability of cooks is real major problem for customers, particularly in time of festive seasons as most of the food places are overloaded with people and reserved already.
  • Customers never get to know the details about the cook, like their specialization, experience and reviews which gives confidence to customers for booking that chef.


To overcome the challenges, client wanted to develop a mobile application that can provide ease to the foodies to find the food they like. Magneto app development services have successfully developed AirBowl app, for consumers and private individual cooks. The excellent mobile app serves to allay all the problems mentioned above in the most fascinating professionalism.


  • Ability for customers to search the chefs nearby their location which are matching the criteria of distance, cuisine, date and time, price, experience, reviews and can request one up to 60 days in advance.
  • The chefs will accept or reject the booking requests as per their schedule. Besides chef can set the ways in which order can be served, i.e. at chef’s place, takeaway or home delivery.
  • The chefs can set their availability and cuisines to get the bookings from customers. Through booking section, chefs can manage bookings and can view notifications for orders.
  • The customers can also view their bookings as well as can add any chef to favorite to make future bookings handy with that chef.
  • One key feature for both users i.e. customer and a chef is to become chef and customer respectively to take advantage of functions of respective user type.
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    • Facts & Figures

      The success of AirBowl app can be seen based on the indication that one page website has been recently launched and plenty of customers as well as cooks have contacted and shown interest in registration.

  • Live Example

    In addition, the fact that a mobile application platform is in its last phase, plenty of enquiries have been seen even before the application is made live on stores. Furthermore, ample of registration and contracts are being discussed with the cooks who are showing interest to be a part of this remarkable platform.

  • Take Away

    This case study determines that the effective appropriateness an app development platform can provide to an entity to simplify and smoothen the involvedness. With the highly customized services delivered by Magneto IT, all your app service queries converge to a single answer, the ultimate commitment of 360 degrees quality for the best.

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