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Problems regarding camping

Several inadequacies those hold camping from being a great choice for people.

  • Setting up tent in flat, dry, secure place is quite difficult. Even more exhaustive to set shelter with enough capacity, considering ample of members.
  • Limit on taking too much ready-to-serve food along which leads to an obvious choice of cooking on the camp site with carried material brought though is restless duty.
  • Most of the camp sites booking businesses take bookings on arrival and through phone which makes it hard to recognize about the farm site, location and nearby adventures, and past customer reviews.
  • Laborious task of managing basic needs like regular water supply, good air mattress for, well lit wooden stove or campfire.
  • Lack of comfort since absence of some luxurious things like barbeque, hot water tub, bicycle.


To overcome the challenges, client wanted to develop a web platform that can make customers job to look and book glamping farm sites expedient more than ever. Magneto web development services have successfully developed Farm site booking platform, for people in European countries. The excellent web platform serves to work out all the problems mentioned above in the most fascinating professionalism.


  • Glamping is best way to enjoy the adventures in real nature by getting fully equipped, ready to use camping base with essential and luxurious needs.
  • It allows customers to view all the minute details about glamping site in advance and ability to make booking on their convenient date.
  • Customers can view all pre-set basic needs with amenities of farm site through the details like images, accommodation and features involved, specialty, reviews as well nearby adventures through the website.
  • Secure online payment method for booking after confirming availability and prices of different features.
  • Route planner feature for customers to check the route on map to farm sites from their current location.
facts of web application
    • Facts & Figures

      The proof for success is expansion of farm sites in the USA in addition with leading European countries. There are already 64 farm sites which are running successful and average customer review is 9.5/10 with more than 35% repeat customer rate. Furthermore, this platform received press coverage from few online newspaper giants from Great Britain like The Telegraph, Daily Mail and Mirror.

  • Live Example

    The evidences for success of this immense platform could be its awards of “Best Glamping Holiday” from ‘Junior Design Awards 2013, “Best UK Camping 2011’ & “2012” in a row from ‘Mumsnet’. Recently it has got “Bronze” from ‘Prima Baby Award 2016’ for Family Holiday in Europe under Family Travel category.

  • Take Away

    The case study summarizes the magnificent support a competent web development platform can offer to a local or national level business. With the highly customized services delivered by Magneto IT, all your web service queries converge to a single answer, the ultimate commitment of 360 degrees quality for the best.

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Magneto IT Solutions has been repeatedly recognized by the leading analytics agencies. This is due to our endeavour in finding the perfect alignment between design, customer experience and technology.