Business Management Software Solutions | Promotional Products

Business Management Software Solutions for Promotional Products

Magneto IT Solutions' fully integrated business management software allows you to manage your promotional products business at your fingertips. Keep track of vendor quotations, cost sheet management, invoice management actions so that you can collaborate easily with your clients, coworkers, and supplier partners.


Use a single, fully integrated platform to run your promotional products business.

The coordination of procedures involving all parties, including customers, suppliers, internal businesses, etc., is ensured through the Magneto IT Solutions' business management porta for promotional productsl. All customer inquiries are kept in the database, and the pricing of materials is then sourced from the suppliers based on those inquiries. A quotation for the cost will be sent to the customer once they have approved it. The overall data flow among all parties participating in this procedure is managed by this portal.

Save time and run your business more efficiently

There are many different things you need to take care of, from printing an order to providing customer assistance. Additionally, the traditional method of managing these operations takes a lot of time and is prone to mistakes. You can get everything you need with Magneto IT Solutions' robust business management solutions for promotional products industry -to manage your business operations smoothly.

  • Higher Profitability

    You can avoid potential errors that occur while using traditional methods of business management by using our software. It will streamline your business operations and increase profitability.

  • Increased Productivity

    Increase efficiency by automating the processes. You, your employees', your customers' and vendors' time is valuable and should not be wasted on everyday routine tasks of managing data that is scattered across different platforms.

  • Streamlined Order Fulfillment

    Every company strives for quicker delivery. By streamlining the order fulfillment process, you may avoid frequent difficulties.

  • Repeat Business

    Customer loyalty and trust are increased when the customer is satisfied. By using the ERP solutions developed by us, you can forge stronger connections with your clients.

Key features that will get work done faster and together

Our promotional products software offers all the features you need to optimize workflow and improve performance.With the ability to log in from any location at any time using a desktop, laptop, or tablet, you can quickly produce and manage estimates, jobs, or invoices.

  • 1Advanced backend portal

    Through this portal the customers, suppliers, admins and the super admin login to perform their respective activities. The super admin will provide the required access rights to customers, suppliers, admins and any other user.

  • 2Suppliers management

    Your suppliers can be spread out across the globe. The promotional products solutions developed by us also act as supplier management software that helps to coordinate the process among them and ensures seamless communication and transactions.
    Cost calculation for multiple suppliers: Before providing a quote to a client, traders must check with several suppliers to determine which one is offering the best prices. This makes it simple for you to assess expenses and secure a better offer.

  • 3Manage customer relationships

    Gather all of your client data and communications in one location. By making notes, setting reminders, tracking leads, and other such actions, you can stay on top of every aspect of the sales cycle.

  • 4Manage all inquiries

    Our effective business management system can handle the preliminary reaction from potential clients, usually following an advertisement or sales promotion campaign.

  • 5Creation of cost sheets

    It is simple to generate a cost sheet that includes a product's fundamental information, packaging information, shipping requirements, and quotations for several pricing categories.
    Add custom variable and fixed cost: Based on project assignments, specific fixed and variable costs can be determined and assigned. This aids in providing a quote that is correct.
    Calculate commissions: The software system makes it simple to compute and maintain the commissions paid to agents and local businesses for acquiring merchandise.

  • 6Quotations management

    Delivering stunning quotations quickly will help you make a strong first impression and win more business. You may quickly receive quote requests from clients and mail them to them using our quotation management software for promotional products.
    Multiple quantity quotation: Pricing will come differently per piece because of the fixed and variable costs involved. These costs are also based on the quantity volume. You can generate different quantity quotations through our software.

  • 7Manage orders

    Order fulfillment mistakes frequently occur. They can happen at any stage, from storage through the delivery procedure. You may centrally handle all order channels from the backend using our robust order management solution developed for all kinds of promotional products.. You can fix order issues, reorder, and do many other things.
    Delivery time estimation: When they receive the price, the consumers will undoubtedly be curious about the expected delivery timelines. The order management software makes it possible to calculate delivery time accurately.
    Delivery management: The software allows for the maintenance of the container's details. Decisions on the type of container to be utilized for the shipments—whether it'll be an FCL, LCL, or a consolidated container—can be determined based on the specifics.
    Manage packaging details for shipping:To get a notion of how we can ship these goods to our client, you can manage packing specifications with ease using our business management system.

  • 8Invoice generation

    With the help of our business management solutions, automate the billing process. Send invoices, take payments, and manage them all online. To ensure that you are paid on time, set up reminders.

Some other unique features offered by promotional products software

Our ERP solution for the promotional products industry iis straightforward, smart, and simple to use, but it does offer certain unique features. Check them out below:


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