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Reina Scrubs
Medical Garment eCommerce Store

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Reina Scrubs is one of the leading medical garments eCommerce store in United States. The client was having the store in magento 1.9; they had vision of providing better shopping experience by introducing some advanced features. Based on its complexity, different it companies that client consulted were struggling to provide any concrete output. Magneto took it as challenge and consulted the client to develop fresh magento with better shopping experience and customer centric user experience. Client`s aim was to develop the tendency to set the trend by importing the new designs on a regular basis to built the reputation of the website. Client wants to get rid of bugs and issues with their previous website so they thought about to developing fresh Magento 2.0 store to enhance the brand experience and up scaled store performance. Magneto reshaped their entire multifaceted Magento Ecommerce store by saving time and money while delivering consistent, seamless and Omni-channel experience.

The problems we encounter during analysis of client website.

  • The previous website was having several UI/UX & accessibility issues that were one of the possible cause of distorted user experience.
  • The customer was facing issues with the payment process and even though the successful payment confirmation on third party gateways customer was shown error and redirected to the homepage.
  • The main concern the client was facing was to retain old customers with context to shopping cart abandonment scenarios.
  • Client`s previous website was facing lots of technical bugs which seems impossible to continue with the Magento 1.9.
  • The customization feature which the client had requested for their website was not achievable with Magento 1.9 version.
  • Client required a clean, user-friendly and visually appealing store that showcases multiple categories of the product.
  • Client needed a simple and secure checkout process to ensure exceptional user experience.


For Reina Scrubs, Magneto has designed exclusive features and functionalities to create a niche solution for the latest version of a Magento eCommerce store. Extensive research went into understanding the user experience and expectations and larger goals for brand expansion. To keep the users involved each and every challenges were overcome on a priority basis.


  • Magneto portrayed the client`s business in a very professional way by making the correct decisions for their new web store.
  • Magneto has studied an in-depth analysis of the client`s requirements and market scenarios to deliver what is best for the client.
  • Keeping in mind the complexity and expectation of the client’s requirements, Magneto was able to resolve all the technical issues and help the client in increasing the conversion rates.
  • Magneto created a clean and simple customization process for the client that showcases the exact idea that they had requested for their eCommerce solution.
  • Magneto came up with the clear persona of the customer to get the idea about the audience with a new eCommerce strategy.
  • Magneto enriched the client with the simplified payment options with excellent shopping experiences, irrespective of any devices being used.
  • Magneto helped the client with a technology partner with the right tech stack and expertise to help them fulfill their key objective and bolster their customer base.

Facts and Figures

Due to increasing number of demands for medical uniforms, client decided to build a powerful online business that suits each and every business needs for a modern web application. Their idea has supported many customers in overcoming obstacles and market potential. They have created an intelligent ecosystem which builds the image into the minds of custom

Take Away

In order to expand Reina Scrubs, Magneto implemented the new system architecture with more flexible and future-oriented approach. Their entire site is geared towards intuitive user journey and customer centric approach.

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