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Vue.js Development

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Vue.js Development at Magneto

We are one of the leading Vue.js development companies. So, avail our services and build user interfaces and single-page applications.

Vue.js Web Application Development

Our experts in VueJS Development Services create feature-rich web applications for small-scale to large-scale industries, helping you achieve the dream of powerful online presence.

Single Page Application Development

Vue.js is a progressive, declarative JavaScript framework that helps our developers to build fast single-page applications.

Vue.js Real-Time Application Development

Utilize our professionals’ Vue.js development proficiency to build performance-oriented real-time applications to deliver a great experience for your users.

Custom Vue.js Development

Our sophisticated team of developers and designers depends on latest, built-in functionalities of Vue.js development for deploying robust, unique designs by integrating contemporary services.

Vue.js Portal Development

Our team of expert professionals utilize Vue.js platform's feature-rich ecosystem to create efficient dynamic Portals with reusable components as per your requirements.

Vue.js Maintenance & Support

We provide easy 24/7 support and maintenance services, online ticket resolving, and post-development support at budget friendly rates.

Vue.js Interactive UI/UX Development

Vue.js has excellent functionalities that enables our developers to create interactive UI/UX with complete scalability. This will convince your users to love and build loyalty towards your product.

Vue.js Enterprise Solution

Vue.js has rich set of features, tools, and integrations, helping our developers to provide built-in support for smooth and hassle-free enterprise evolution process.

Vue.js eCommerce Solution

Vue.js platform allows to boost your site performance and shape the customer journey. Its vital features play an important role in development of a robust eCommerce store, helping you upscale your business.

Vue.js Data Analysis Tools

Our skilful experts in Vue.js can build ideal data analysis tools, helping your organization to have a firm grip in managing huge amount of structured and unstructured data with ease.

Vue.js Component Development

Our team with the help of Vue.js platform is able to build UI Components which are completely reusable and fully functional to be used for different products.

Vue.js Data Migration Services

We provide potential support to our customer-base to migrate their website or data to Vue.js with Zero downtime effort, less connectivity issue, and no damage of data.

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Hire Certified Vue.js Developers

As a Vue.js development company, we provide you with dedicated developers with over 8+ years of experience in developing thriving and interactive websites.

Offshore Developer

We will provide you with a versatile team of our experienced offshore eCommerce consultants and developers who will help you in expanding the reach of your organization by aligning the processes with your business goals.

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Onsite Developer

Our existing clients are very satisfied with the work of our onsite developers. On the basis of your requirements, you can hire our onsite eCommerce developers on contract and start working with them at your preferred location.

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Hybrid Developer

We provide a flexible & budget friendly hybrid delivery model, under which we combine the expertise of our onsite & offshore development teams. This allows us to distribute the work as per your expectations and requirements.

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Why Vue.js

Vue.js is versatile, performance-obsessed JavaScript framework which aids futuristic real-time front-end applications that attracts the users.


Vue is designed from scratch to be versatile. It can be integrated with numerous libraries or even with existing projects.

Interactive Web Interfaces

The core library of Vue.jsmainly focuses on the view layer which helps focus more on building interactive web interfaces.

Server-Side Rendering

Vue.js works on Virtual DOM enabling server-side rendering, helping in better SEO and support to a large amount of user traffic.

High Performance in Actions

Vue.js’s virtual DOM also enables high performance in actions like create, select and delete on rows.


Vue.js is also compatible basic widgets, modification to legacy Rail apps, and single-page applications.

Made with the Good

Vue.js was released after other frameworks, so it adopted features that were appealing and dropped features that weren’t.

Our process – Agile Development Methodology

We follow this iterative approach to project management that allows to deliver value to our customers. It is best represented by the graphical illustration below.

Our process – Agile Development Methodology
Our process – Agile Development Methodology

Behind the Abstraction - How Vue.JS works?


View is a Graphical User Interface created using markup language to represent data. View binds to properties of a ViewModel through data-bind concept, which indirectly connects to the model data. This simply means that the data model reflects all the changes made in User Interface and vice versa. You can also create self-updating User Interfaces using this framework.


It is nothing more than a JavaScript object. It represents data with the help of necessary functions and properties it contains. VueJS uses HTML’s data-bind concept to combine both View and ViewModel. It helps change HTML without disturbing ViewModel. The framework uses Observables to control automatic data refresh between ViewModel and HTML.


It is simply data available on server related to the application domain. VueJS helps you manipulate this data by sending and receiving requests from ViewModel. Model is domain data or business object, which holds real-time data.

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Recognition from the top leading analytics agencies

Magneto IT Solutions has been repeatedly recognized by the leading analytics agencies. This is due to our endeavour in finding the perfect alignment between design, customer experience and technology.


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