The client wanted an enterprise solution to manage internal contractors and employees. Our client already has a web solution for managing associates and contractors. Now the client wanted to manage their projects and get the right contractor for each project through a single app platform. They wanted a single app platform for managing projects from admin which will be assigned to the associates, and then the requests from associates will be conveyed to all the nearby contractors. The client wanted a reliable and feasible solution. Upon understanding the client requirements we prepared the agile method plan of milestones and eventually we succeed. This case study portrays the contribution of Magneto Development Services in delivering reliable solutions to the client.
Magento IT Solution Scooped
Problems regarding managing it offline
  • Associates were generally not aware of the market rates which were offered by different contractors.
  • There was no price transparency for the associates from contractors.
  • Tracking the task allocated was very time consuming for both associates and admin.
  • Since web solution contain a lot of associates and contractors details managing the requests was very difficult.
  • Assigning projects to specific associates from admin and also assigning requests to specific contractors from associates was very difficult.
  • Managing all the projects and requests was very time-consuming.
  • The problem was managing large number of projects and getting the right contractors for them.
  • There was a communication problem faced by associates and contractors.
  • Client faces the issue of evaluating a large number of projects.
  • The client wasn't aware as to when they want to run their current project.
  • There was no historical for data process.
  • There was no transparent process for admin, stakeholders, and associates.
To overcome the above mentioned issues, the client wanted to design an app which can provide one-stop facility to both associates and contractors. In this solution, the admin will be the business owner who manages associates and contractors. We will provide a platform where the admin will assign projects to the associates, and then the associates will upload their requests which will be automatically allocated to the nearby contractors based on the location. The other way is associates can choose the contractors for their request from the contractor list available with them. It provides reachability and flexibility to the associates and contractors. By adding a binding feature in the app it provides price transparency and best price choice to the associates from the contractors. We have successfully developed an excellent app way is for the client that serves to allay all the problems mentioned above in the most fascinating professionalism.
  • Designed a digital platform which helps to give an automatic update to the associates and contractors.
  • Designed the entire process on a single app which can let the associates get their services in few clicks.
  • It has a bidding facility for the contractor through which associates gets the price of each nearby contractors based on location and can choose best out of them.
  • Notification: Push notification about the deadlines and bidding features are sent to the associates and contractors.
  • The solution made the process much easier to manage and transparent for admin.
  • We designed the app to entertain every specific need of associates and contractors.
  • Enhanced associate convenience like- Lower search costs (efforts required to find the right contractor) now can be done in a few clicks.
  • An integrated accurate tracking system which provide the associate's real-time update about the status provided by the contractors.
  • It provides access to admin, stakeholder, and associates.
  • Greater price transparency/ cost transparency enables associates to engage in price discrimination.
Facts & Figures
Magneto IT Solution is an IT Service provider and we follow the agile method which is key to the success of our product.
  • We are able to work closely with the client to formulate plan and NVP which can be tested by contractors and project manager.
  • We are able to prepare a proper flow, wireframe for the client.
  • This case study offers reliability and feasibility to the associates and contractors.
  • Successfully integrated client present system which is CRM (Customer relationship management) with our new application.
  • Initially it was based on feedback received from contractors and associates, further enhancement work will be conducted.
  • Till date enhancement work is going on and still adding key features to it.
  • Quality assurance of software.
  • Notification: Push notification about deadlines and bidding features are given to associates and contractors.
  • Location Based: Contractors are available based on the nearby location of the associates.
Magento IT Solution Scooped
Take Away
This case study determines how Magneto IT Solutions designed a concept and put that concept to reality. The product simplifies and smoothens the process of associates and contactors interaction by providing a digital platform. It gives complete support to the client. We are handling In/Out operation regarding software and server side. We maintain and support all the bugs/defect or any technical upgradation.
Magento IT Solution Scooped

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