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15 Digits

15 Digits is the UK’s latest PC games and Steam Key online store delivering great value and outstanding service Worldwide. They sell new PC games for windows, steam keys, origin keys, uplay keys and more. The client had a vision that he wanted to spread his business around UK and the world and wanted to cater the world with their product. We accepted the challenge and worked on developing a supreme web presence and we succeed. After then client experience a notable increase in visitor and the great margin in conversion rates. This case study evaluates the involvement of Magneto It solutions in building the great web presence and designing rich UI/UX/CX for 15 Digits.

Problems regarding camping

Several inadequacies those hold camping from being a great choice for people.

  • Navigation bar was bit critical with a lot of categories, long-range products or product with many options. There were unwanted service buttons in header bar which making it looking confusing to their customer.
  • Absence of stock control that auto-hides the product which is not in the stock instead shows the relevant products.
  • Visits on store and traffic was low as result of influential concept posting of blogs wasn’t practiced.
  • On site trust and credibility was missing from the website. Store had no trust building factor.
  • Customer wasn’t able to review the product detail in the cart page.
  • Checkout process was too long and unconventional, that may lose a lot of customers right as they are ready to buy.


To increase sales and overcome the challenges client wanted us to redesign the store according to customer behavior and to build the competitive web presence. Magneto It solutions have succeded in delivering solutions according to the client requirement. The excellent webstore serves to company with all the problems mentioned above in the most beneficial expertise.


  • Revamped the catalog structure to achieve a more precise navigation, eliminated redundant data.
  • Added Mailchimp system on the backend infrastructure for handling promotion activities of the web store.
  • Increased the customer’s visits and increase traffic by blog posting and build brand image for the store.
  • Enhanced the checkout process by smoothing all customers data filling with simple drop down option to modify their orders.
  • Store has an Automated synchronization that includes all customer and stock discounts, quantity breaks and all other forms of discount and other inventories.
  • Transformed checkout experience to be unified with single checkout flow to purchase products.
    • Facts & Figures

      The success of 15 Digits can be seen based on the indication that it is been spreading in the parts of United Kingdom drastically. Plenty of customers have given review positive review about their product and services and given best ratings.

Take Away

The case study summarizes the magnificent support a competent eCommerce development platform can offer to a local or national level business. With the highly customized services delivered by Magneto IT, all the web service queries converge to a single answer, the ultimate commitment of 360 degrees quality for the best.

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