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It’s easier said than done assignment to organize a conference successfully and keep attendees clued-up for it. It is organizer’s obligation to complete the outlined schedule smoothly by making attendees aware about all the conference particulars on the go. However there have been significant problems both organizers and attendees were facing for managing all mentioned tasks expediently until Konnect app was created. This case study evaluates the involvement of Magneto app development services in setting conference app for attendees.


Several challenges while arranging the conference and keep attendees knowledgeable about it are mentioned below.

  • Bustling job of sending invitation to all people and verify their identity to ensure that no people are attending the conference without invitation.
  • For attendees, it could be exhausting task to search out for the venue or location of the conference, especially at new place.
  • FOne key point of informing attendees about the speakers and their background to make attendees confident about the conference.
  • Keeping attendees educated about the conference schedule of events and their objectives will be crucial task and eats ample of organizer’s time even for small updates.
  • Informing all attendees about the venues, start and end date and time, sessions, contact information, Facebook page links, description will be organizers responsibility. Floating this information to the attendees through various medium, like email, can be far reaching job for organizers.


Enhancing the website into something a little more attractive and worth visiting would help get customers a lot, also, it would be beneficial for the company to start advertising their products.


  • It gives authority to organizers to add specified attendees only and send invitation link for conference app along with conference code which provides immense security to conference.
  • Organizers will add conference venue which will be reflected in attendees map with distance from their current location. They can also click on route which shows them the directions to reach the venue on Google map.
  • App allows attendees to view all the details of the conference like title, list and bio of speakers, website, contact details, deadline, and event schedule.
  • All the attendees of particular conference can send request to each other and on acceptance, they can chat with each other under conference app.
    • Facts & Figures

      The success of Konnect app can be seen based on the indication that even app is being released, plenty of organizers are looking for registration and making an enquiry.

  • Live Example

    Besides the fact that the platform is in its last phase, plenty of enquiries has been seen even before the application is made live on Google play store. Furthermore, ample of contracts are being established with the organizers available who are showing interest to be a part of this genuine and convenient platform.

  • Take Away

    This case study ascertains that the effective expediency an app development platform can provide to an entity to simplify and smoothen the involvedness. With the highly customized services delivered by Magneto IT, all your app service queries converge to a single answer, the ultimate commitment of 360 degrees quality for the best.

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