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Our years of expertise in the industry helped us to deliver bespoke smartphone, tablet, and web-based development services within allotted time and budget without compromising on quality.


Albouni is photography and printing solution located in Bahrain. Alboumi is the sister company of Ashrafs WLL

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Arabian Ceramics

Arabian Ceramics, founded in 2006, is one of the Middle East’s largest producers of ceramic tiles and porcelains.

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Ashrafs W.L.L was established in 1913 and is considered as one of the oldest and esteemed distributors and retailers of Bahrain of all time.

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YK Almoayyed

YK Almoayyed & Sons, operates in a variety of industries, including automobiles, heavy equipment, electronics, and home appliances.

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World of Stones Case-Study

World Of Stone USA

World Of Stones has grown to be a notable and a celebrated natural paving stone supplier.

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Khalaifat company is one of Bahrain’s most prestigious retailers and wholesale distributors in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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HayatMart is a start-up based out of Saudi, trading in home décor, kitchen ware, interior and exterior decorative items.

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Regal Traders is one of the Middle East’s largest fabric stores, having over 65 years’ experience in the region and a strong retail presence with 12 stores spread across the UAE & Qatar.

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Kavalani & Sons is a firm based in the Kingdom of Bahrain that supplies Industrial, Construction & Marine products

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We Designed concierge site UI for featherdown that deliver rich in-store experience to customer

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Eden_Jones Case-Study

Eden Jones

Eden Jones is one of the popular brands for eye wears in UAE, UK and other countries.

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Global Stone Paving

Global Stone Paving is a 15-year-old company that deals in the supply of premium natural stone and porcelain pavings.

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Wadairs Case-Study


Wadairs is fashion brand from Oman that is dealing in fashion retail.

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Diamond Boutique Case-Study

Diamond Boutique

Diamond Boutique is an online jewelry store that specializes in selling diamond jewelry

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Oak furniture King

Oak furniture King

Our considerable research and analysis on furniture business, help us to create unique, exclusive design that has a visually rich, engaging interactive experience with higher conversion rates

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Kawader Case-Study


Kawader is a B2B retail brand from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Shira Esthetics Case-Study

Shira Esthetics

Shira specializes in products that feature the finest natural and organic ingredients

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Jordana Case-Study


Jordana Cosmetics is a cosmetic company. It is a manufacturer as well as wholesaler of organic makeup products

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LoveBling Case-Study


Lovebling, a name that resonates quality tailor made luxury jewelry across United States of America.

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RaceChip Case-Study


Chiptuning is an innovative way to increase your vehicles speed and performance, without comprising on its mileage.

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Prospec_Electronics Case-Study

Prospec Electronics

Prospec is the US based electronic manufacturers and distributors of marine audio products.

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Sunshine Distribution Case-Study

Sunshine Distribution

Sunshine Distribution works in the scooter and skate industries. They have been a leader in product development, design and distribution in this industry

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AlJazira Case-Study

Aljazira Supermarkets

Aljazira is the first of its kind supermarket in Bahrain. They aim to deliver the best selection of products, sourced from around the world

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Luxepolis Case-Study


Luxepolis is an Indian luxury apparel eCommerce store. It has been identified as one of the game-changing brands in the Indian luxury apparel industry

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decoraid case-study


We improvised the web presence and conversion rate of the website and by redesigning the website and running the different marketing campaign which the client to generate more revenue and conversion rates.

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Traffic NYC case study

Traffic NYC

Responsive architecture and seamless experience across all devices increased customer engagement rate of Traffic NYC.

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Elite screens case study

Elite screens

Elitescreen's winning strategy was independent direct distribution, fueled by cutting edge CX and comprehensive data systems

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Captivating and interactive UI/UX design with highly scalable architecture capable of handling 10 million users flawlessly.

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15 Digits case study

15 Digits

Magneto empowers an upstart game store company to grow its business into new channels and dramatically increase revenue.

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Ccboutik case study


With effective digital marketing strategies and robust e-commerce functionalities we enhanced store profit with sustained growth.

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Fooditter case study


Responsive architecture and seamless experience across all devices increased customer engagement rate of fooditter.

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Missy case study


We improved the number of brand searches and enhanced the reputation of the brand with effective marketing strategy.

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We Love Cushion case study

We Love Cushion

We had developed a creative online storefront for we love cushions with cutting edge CX and comprehensive data systems.

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Kisafi case study


Client had success in reaching millions of customers who are actively seeking for this kind of products right after we delivered.

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Ourtaberna case study


Magneto helped outraberna to achieve their ecommerce market goals and increased conversion rates.

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Konnect case study


With conducting competitor analysis we planned the strategies that eventually boosted the sales and increased the traffic.

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Advaning case study


After we initialize competitive marketing strategies, Client saw excellent results for awareness, purchase intent and massive traffic.

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Modern furniture case study

Modern furniture

Client had success in reaching millions of customers who are actively seeking for this kind of products right after we delivered.

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Biocera case study


We design a ecommerce ecosystem that anchored by a beautiful interface which integrates premium design with effective inventory management.

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Refadoc case study


Magneto designed a customized ecommerce solution that incorporated a full suite of custom-designed UI features delivering seamless experience.

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Fitlinker case-study


On-demand service app acts as a mediator between customers and fitness enthusiasts from different places. This app sits inside the pockets of users and the enthusiast fitness trainers to cater to each and every fitness need to you in real-time.

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scooped Case-Study


The client wanted an enterprise solution to manage internal contractors and employees. Our client already has a web solution for managing associates and contractors. Now the client wanted to manage their projects and get the right contractor for each project through a single app platform

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mastery Case-Study


IS mastery is an application for online tutorials courses and video lectures. We provide a holistic e-learning platform app for our clients requiring online delivery of tutorials for their users.

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Aazacus Case-Study


azacus is the India based leading eCommerce marketplace website that is offering large range of products. In very short time, the sellers from different metro and suburban locations connected to the platform.

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ChemProcure Case-Study

Chem Procure

Chemprocure is chemical based B2B eCommerce marketplace for United States of America.

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Enorgen, an India based genuine protein supplements to beauty and vitamins which delivers products with the best and affordable prices.

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Entesla Case-Study

Entesla Direct

Entesla is leading distributor of various IoT devices, sensors, gateways for Indian market.

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Health-n-support Case-Study

Health N Support

Health N Support is a New York based B2C Ecommerce store that are well known for selling medical and health equipments mainly to the retail customers.

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Hout9 Case-Study


Hout9 is a Dubai based thriving furniture brand which is known for its well furnished couches, book shelves, trolleys and cabinets.

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Paving_Store Case-Study

Paving Store

Paving Store is notably an exporter and supplier of natural stones and marbles which is widely spreader across the world.

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Reina Case-Study

Reina Scrubs

Reina Scrubs is specifically design to create medical garments for both men and women in United States of America.

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Skin_Tech Case-Study

Skin Tech

Skin Tech is skins and decals providers for Mobiles, iPads and Macbooks.

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Fori Case-Study


FORI is a web application which brings in the democratization of real state trading and has revolutionized the commercial real estate industry.

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PlayBall Case-Study

Play Ball Net

Our client wanted a solution to manage athlete, trainer, and sport facility real-time requests.

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RandyChat Case-Study

Randy Chat

The traditional SMS (Short Message Service) text message is now passé. Chat application brings people and ideas together despite geographical barriers.

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Vpweddingplanner Case-Study

Vp wedding planner

a diy wedding planning tool with Live Local Support

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Bayzat Online Case-Study

Bayzat Online

A viable and convenient solution for the online payments. “Bayzat Online” App generates unique QR code for each transaction

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Tkit Case-Study


An app which gives us a break from our regular social media apps, gives us a fresh look and experience with a fusion of Event searching

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Spotless Case-Study


Spotless is an On-Demand Laundry Application which gives you laundry & Washing Services at your door step.

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The Highland Mint Case-Study

The Highland Mint

The Highland Mint is a company that provides a full-service mint. It comes under the category of a sports ecommerce company.

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Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Case-Study

Dar Al Taqwa Hotel

Dar Al Taqwa is a luxury hotel in Medina, Saudi Arabia, proudly calling themselves the Address of Prestige.

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