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A Multi-vendor Marketplace

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Aazacus is the India based leading eCommerce marketplace website that is offering large range of products. In very short time, the sellers from different metro and suburban locations connected to the platform. The vision of the client was that every vendors across different cities and small towns should a get to the platform from where they can energize their business and get more growth in terms of more revenues. The customers from all over the country can witness the quality and versatility of sellers products. Our client was thinking about eCommerce since long time but had no understanding about how they can step their foot into it. Our eCommerce consulting team had few round of discussions with them and made them realize the path along with concrete plan to achieve what they were planning so far. Magneto empowered them to open up an online business to revolutionize the shopping experience for ecommerce marketplace system by making it easier to give the power to local vendors for upgrading their business selling methods with help of online presence. Magneto helped them to contribute into their success-scale as reliable development partner which not only handle design & deployment but also assuring the objective of the system is achieved and proper justification is be done in the business model. Magneto-being a development partner have delivered the solutions to the client for the services like design, development, consulting and support to best of their expertise. This case study depicts the contribution of Magneto IT Solutions with developing the best online Ecommerce marketplace system for Aazacus.

Problems faced by the client while making the first move.

  • As the client was stepping foot into the vast eCommerce world, they had the goal but lack of an actual roadmap for reaching their goal.
  • They had been misguided by a couple of e-commerce agencies which were promising them to develop the store in just 2 weeks without gaining the proper understanding of the requirement and business model (it is truly a myth).
  • Educating and reaching sellers across different remote and urban areas was one of the biggest challenges.
  • Considering the targeted audience of the system, designing the UI of the system in such a way that buyer can easily reach to what they want and especially the sellers which are not that educated, uploading the product on the website and managing their store was the big challenge.
  • Besides these, the key challenge was to handle the traffic loads and multiple orders during various festive occasions.
  • The client was also willing to develop a mobile application, on asking them they said the mobile application is good for business which is been suggested by other agency which is not right. Having a mobile application for your website increase channel for your customer to witness a better shopping experience. Initially, with a new brand when people don’t know about your brand then it doesn’t create sense making such investment rather in areas like digital marketing which can be essential. Hence False Guiding.


Magneto helped client to integrate with a new eCommerce marketplace store with an aesthetically pleasing Magento website that can deliver as an effective medium to demonstrate their creativity in the form of a neat category-wise product display. Magneto provided a highly interactive and scalable solution with customer friendly design approach.


  • Magneto quickly gained an understanding of client’s needs and set out to integrate a number of new features into the website.
  • Magneto has always managed to predict potential complexities and pitfalls and give the optimum result they needed.
  • The interface for the seller as well as buyers is totally simplistic, options were clearly pasteurized, popup information to confirm and guiding about their selection.
  • Magneto was always available when an issue occurred on the website with an immediate fixing, as well as training on new functionalities
  • As the client was not having an idea about operating the store, the project management team helps them to understand the system with different documents, manual and reliable support.
  • Offering something unique in the eCommerce sphere, Magneto made it a mission, as a multi-channel eCommerce marketing agency to not only offer marketplace integration, but also easily manageable ERP System.
  • Magneto has provided them the best maintenance and support service considering all the aspects of the system.

Facts and Figures

With growing seller’s base in just few months, Aazacus has gain the name to be one of the best platform with increase customer database. After few month of launch, the marketplace got featured in one of best magazines in the states. The team are reaching to different cities and tribal location and getting overwhelmed response from the local vendors.

Take Away

This case study determines the role of Magneto IT Solution as the reliable business partner and guided the client about e-Commerce business and developed a scalable marketplace solution. Lot of development agency in the industry are trying to fool the clients by develop a heavy applications which is expensive in cost. Even, they are failing to understand client's vision and ruining the project with faulty guidance. Therefore selection of Development Company should be taken wisely.

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