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Fori - Case Study

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FORI is a web application which brings in the democratization of real state trading and has revolutionized the commercial real estate industry. We provide a platform app for our clients requiring conservative investments designed to complement all level of investment portfolios for their users. The application provides equal access to opportunities in the commercial real estate for all investors, irrespective of their physical location or financial resources. The real estate trading application is for multiple users to invest in single or multiple properties with a minimum base amount for a certain locking period. Through this application, users can invest in any property by investing a minimum amount to earn a defined ROI percentage on a monthly basis. The aim is to reach a large number of users with a highly interactive and customizable interface so as to meet the market goals and increase the conversion rate.

Challenges faced by client for their previous website

  • The major problem with traditional real estate trading is unlimited investment choices and insufficient knowledge.
  • Managing of real estate requires expertise.
  • Ambiguity regarding the ROI and properties to invest in.
  • Financing, Bank loans, and other financing documents.


To overcome challenges that market was facing, the client wanted to develop an online web application for real state trading which will help its users to invest in single or multiple properties with a minimum base amount for a certain locking period. The solution not only helps the users to diversify their portfolio but they can invest in any property by investing a minimum amount to earn a defined ROI percentage on a monthly basis. We have successfully developed a solution for the client that serves to allay all the problems mentioned above.


  • FORI is a platform that allows anyone, irrespective of their level of income or net worth, to be able to select and invest in the specific property of their choice similar to how one chooses stocks or any items in an online store for that matter.
  • Allows to Browse, Invest, Earn and Diversify.
  • Gives the statistics of properties, graphically, of all memberships in the application. So, users can do the analysis of properties and investment in a graphical format.
  • Provide the following details about the properties: Price, Location, Images, Details and Min and Max amount to buy (invest in) the property.
  • Provides a minimum and a maximum range of investment to invest on any property.
  • Take the number of years, an investor would like to invest his money for, as input and gives the ROI on a monthly/ half-yearly or yearly basis.
  • User can avail the benefits of the membership model which has Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP membership.
  • Gives flexibility to investors to make the payment through the payment gateway like PayPal and can receive ROI from Bank/ PayPal/ Cheque.
  • Users can also see the statistics of all properties, to see the forecasting of ROI on a yearly basis.
  • Available in three languages: English, Chinese, and Hebrew.
  • 100 % transparency which makes it simple to browse, explore and dig deeper into the detailed information for each property and its valuation.
  • Offers an investment opportunity with the alignment of your unique investment goals and personal preferences.
  • Provides a detailed proprietary analysis so you can get multiple different metrics to help you better understand and review your options. Besides, empowers all investors to access a new class of investments designed to complement any portfolio type.

Facts and Figures

The success of FORI can be easily seen by the drastic rise in their user base availing to themselves the investing and earning. Plenty of customers have given a positive review of the product and services and given the best ratings. When we see press page and testimonials, we come to know about various articles that have been published that direct the quality of their service and response from the clients which are truly satisfied with their services.

Take Away

This case study determines how Magneto It solutions improvise real state trading and help the client to generate more revenue and conversion rates. Magneto has helped clients develop the app that works best for them and with them. The app is keeping up with the latest demands in the market real state while providing staggering results for the clients.

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