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Our Taberna

Our Taberna is an eCommerce shopping portal for purchasing and selling its large number of the industrial and agricultural products. It is designed to made purchasing of merchandise ranging from Bags, kids clothing, tableware, and cooking apparel and gifts easy. It is the subsidiaries of Feather Down Farm Days. OurTaberna reflects authentic, traditional values and our own close bond with the countryside. This case study evaluates the contribution of Magneto IT Solutions in setting up an online shopping portal for purchasing and selling for our taberna.

Problems regarding Webstore from the User perspective

Issues related to the website user interface

  • The website was running on HTTP which was not a secure for sending the request to the database server. Because in such case personal detail of customers can be compromised.
  • Design of the store was quite outdated comparing to current trend in E-commerce industry & user interface was bit complex and not much interactive.
  • The cart was not getting updated without page reload whenever a product is added to a cart. User experience for the cart page was pathetic
  • Store was not Optimize for mobile devices, mobile visitor could have difficulty in viewing the pages.
  • Magnifying functionality wasn’t available on the product images shown on the product page.
  • In checkout page, customer weren’t able to modify the order with custom setting.
  • One of most influential concept was missing i.e Subscription field through which generation of potential leads could be possible.


To come over the challenges client wanted to develop an online portal that can allay all the problems mentioned above in the most fascinating professionalism. There should we a proper team that can handle online marketing of the website which results growing of the clients business at a global level.


  • Implanted a Cookie based redirection for returning consumers and route them on their last stayed view.
  • Narrowed the search results with specific keyword by advanced search engine to help users locate the right product.
  • Integrated the platform with automated software for easy updates on product real time availability.
  • Enhances the trust and credibility of the store by product review stack.
  • Transformed the checkout experience to be unified with single checkout flow to purchase products.
    • Facts & Figures

      Rated 9.4 by more than 2300 guests to its Feather Down Farm Days. Our Taberna is the place to be to inspiration and nice products for your family and home!

  • Live Example

    Our Taberna offers creative art on Hoddies, Mugs, Perse, Shoes etc. with the help of which you can do style while doing gardening in the feather down manner providing your children with the clothes that will keep the mud off, the warmth in and a sense of style to satisfy both child and parent; and making sure that if slow cooking, or more speedily, in your own kitchen, you will have apron, oven gloves, tea towel and more to charm you and those you feed!

  • Take Away

    The case study presented over here explains to us how one can improve the service in order to increase its business along with an increase in the.customers happiness, satisfaction, and the trust.With the best service that is being offered by the Magneto Web Development Service, we can improve Our Taberna’s service by consulting proper Web development service provider.

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