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Our client wanted a solution to manage athlete, trainer, and sport facility real-time requests. It is the ultimate link for managing athlete’s real-time requests with the availability of trainer and sports facility. On-Demand Sports Training app acts as a mediator between athletes, trainer, and sport facility from different places. This app help athletes to choose a sport they want to learn from their choice of trainer either at athlete’s location or at sports facility provided to them via the app. This app sits inside the pockets of the athlete and the enthusiast trainers to cater to each and every need within minutes. This application has helped to connect athlete who is seeking for trainer/instructor or a sports facility at the utmost easy and convenient way. This case study portrays the contribution of Magneto Development Services in delivering reliable solutions to the client.
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Problems regarding managing it offline:
  • The major problem with the traditional online tutorials is the slow streaming and buffering issues.
  • Searching for a sports complex or a facility with trainer for training purpose near athlete’s location becomes very time-consuming.
  • The background check of trainers becomes difficult if we have migrated to a new city, getting genuinely certified and qualified personal trainers is not that easy in unknown places.
  • The athlete faces a lot of issues of searching and creating a training group, each of same training level.
  • Getting the trainer and a facility at user specific hours becomes very difficult.
  • Manually booking and paying to the trainers or sports facility on a daily basis becomes a hectic work from our daily schedule.
  • Checking different trainers plan and packages and comparing it according to our requirements by going directly to their places is not feasible for the athletes.
  • Checking different sports facility plan and packages and comparing it according to our requirements by going to their places is not feasible for the athletes.
  • Sometimes it is not that transparent when it comes to paying the fees to the professional trainers or sports facility.
  • Tracking the trainer was very time consuming for an athlete without any application.
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To overcome the above mentioned issues, the client wanted to design an app which can provide the one-stop facility to the athlete, trainers, and sports complex, where a request from the athlete will be shared to both trainer and sports facility on a real-time basis. A real-time Google Map view of the locations for all the actors in the system namely the athlete, trainer and sports complex. The confirmation of service will be sent to the athlete only when trainer and sports facility accepts the request sent by the athlete. There is feature of time limit in the app wherein trainer and sports facility needs to accept the request in 3min if the athlete has selected for individual training. If an athlete has selected for Pool training then the time limit for confirmation by coach/trainer will be 5min and the criteria to create the group will be at least 2 members. This on-demand sport application provides 24x7 services that are easy and flexible in session booking, user-friendly interface, and an option of choosing from the variety of certified trainers. It also has the option of personalized training at your doorsteps in just minutes. We have successfully developed an application for the client in both IOS and Android platform that serves to allay all the problems mentioned above in the most fascinating professionalism.

Benefits to the athletes using this application:

  • An athlete can get the trainers and sports facility nearby their location, time and according to their feasibility.
  • An athlete can also get personalized training based on their needs and goals.
  • Booking the training sessions in advance and planning accordingly becomes easy and convenient.
  • The athlete will get 24x7 support from our trainers, sports facility and from the application.
  • User doesn’t have to verbally ask for other athletes for Pool training, simply send them a request to join the Pool.
  • Getting training in a group, where all are of same training level becomes easy as it comes with just a few click option, app just needs time , date, location and group name from the athlete side.
  • Privacy is also kept in mind while building this application so call masking facility is provided to both the end trainers as well as an athlete using this application.
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Benefits to trainers and sports facility:

  • A one click process for the Trainer and Sports facility to get new assignments.
  • A platform where the Trainer can register and get new assignments for training, he doesn’t have to look out for it now.
  • A platform for the Sports Complex to earn some quick money by offering their place for training.
  • A platform where athlete, trainer, and sport facility requests are managed smoothly.
  • The availability of the trainer and sports facility's information will be updated by the application smoothly to the athlete.
  • Trainers get an option of working part time or full time, in different cities and location according to their wish.
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Facts & Figures:
Magneto IT Solution is an IT Service provider and we follow the agile method which is key to the success of our product.
  • Space which is required for this app by the IOS is 21.5. For Android, the size is 7.1 MB.
  • The Application has seen a lot of downloads and good reviews from the customers.
  • Till date enhancement work is going on and still adding key features to it.
  • We believe in Quality assurance of software.
  • Successfully managed athlete’s requests on a real-time basis with the trainer and sports complex availability.
Take away:
This case study determines how Magneto IT Solutions designed a concept and put that concept to reality. The application simplifies and smoothens the process of athlete, trainer and sports facility interaction by providing a digital platform. It gives complete support to the client. With On-demand solutions, athletes could stay connected with their trainers 24x7 by availing greater flexibility of business to reach broader audiences on the go. We are handling In/Out operation regarding application and server side. We maintain and support all the bugs/defect or any technical upgradation.
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Magneto IT Solutions has been repeatedly recognized by the leading analytics agencies. This is due to our endeavour in finding the perfect alignment between design, customer experience and technology.